Practical Steps into Becoming the Peaceful Warrior

Practical Steps into Becoming the Peaceful Warrior

Jun 19

Anger is generally a destructive force. While it could be used toward some good by building something up rather than breaking something down, anger often comes on too suddenly and hormones are rushing through a person’s brain when the time to make a decision comes. That state of mind can make it difficult even for level-headed people to make the right choice – it’s effectively like acting under duress.

Because of this, I recommend trying to keep calm throughout the day, rather than succumbing to those small, annoying things which can so quickly pile up at work, at home and elsewhere. It isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do, but learning how to better deal with those small annoyances will help a lot later on, when something more serious happens. Think of it as a kind of training for the mind rather than the body.

There is no panacea for anger or a short temper. Like improving yourself in many other ways, getting a better handle on your anger is going to take some time and practice. If you follow these practical steps when you feel rage building, you can help abate it and not get so worked up.

Top 10 Reasons for Active Lifestyle

Top 10 Reasons for Active Lifestyle

Jun 19

There are really too many reasons to list them all here, but getting physically fit and embracing an active lifestyle has always been good for people. I tell that my students and players all the time, but finding a fitness regimen and sticking to it isn’t just good for improving your performance in the football matches – it’s absolutely vital to maintaining positive health and being comfortable with your own body. So I’ve decided to list out top 10 reasons on how living active lifestyle can benefit your everyday life:

Increased Energy

This is kind of a no-brainer for me, but I’ve got plenty of athletic training experience and kind of have an edge when it comes to physical fitness. For everyone else, it’s important to know that increased physical activity actually leads to more energy, not less.

Faster Metabolism

I mentioned it above, but an increased metabolic rate is a kind of double benefit to getting active. While it will help your body’s cells to get more oxygen, heightened metabolism helps to break down sugars, fats and proteins faster, getting all that extra energy into your blood at a quicker rate than if you were just sitting around.

The Best Sport in the World – Football

The Best Sport in the World – Football

Jun 11

Now, before you get ready to fire off a nasty email on account of mine thinking Football (soccer) is the best sport in the world, take a breath of calm. Nobody is making you read this and you’re free to roll your mouse cursor to the northeast corner of your screen and just close this window out now if you’re just going to complain about what’s written here. I hear lots of people go on about how their favorite sport is the best game in the world. Those are matters of opinion, and this is just my own opinion, along with a few good facts to back up the claim that Football is the best sport in the world.

Like most articles about a person’s favorite sport, mine is going to begin with a recount of my first game. I was young; a lot younger than I am now, let me tell you. The world was my oyster, so to speak, and I thought I could do anything if I had the will for it. Maybe it had more to do with me being in the prime of my life than Football itself, but I loved the game.

It didn’t matter that I haven’t scored on my first real game – some of the best players in the world go through an entire match without a goal to their credit. However, I did set up a couple other players to score, entrenching in my mind the idea that teamwork can make or break a sports team. That’s truer in Football than in any other game, I’d say.

At present, there are five solid reasons I can come up with, each of which supports my claim that Football really is the best sport in the world. You may disagree with my ultimate synopsis, but it would be difficult even for die-hard fans of other sports to argue with the following points:

Your Garden Deserves A Haircut Too

Your Garden Deserves A Haircut Too

Nov 24

Your Garden Deserves A Haircut TooDid you forget I need a haircut too?

If only garden plants can talk, you’ve probably heard them tell you this.

I thought of this while I was peering over my neighbor’s backyard garden. A certified green thumb and garden lover, I find it unsettling seeing a poorly maintained garden. I’m even thinking of volunteering to prune their foliage.

For this post, let me remind you how important pruning is (in case some of you don’t know it yet or forgot about it.)

Pruning is necessary not just for keeping the garden look good but also to keep your plants healthy and allow it to grow better. While it may seem counterintuitive, regularly cutting plants back is beneficial for its growth. This makes it important to invest on basic gardening tools, particularly pruning tools. A pole saw can help simplify pruning of tall trees and garden plants – a common problem that beset many garden owners. If you don’t own one yet, you can visit this review site to learn more about the different brands and models of pole saws.

Before you even think about it, pruning is not just randomly cutting parts of a plant. When you prune plants, you have to be careful which parts to cut, which to spare, and when to do it. Some vital things to consider include the desired shape of the plant and how you want it to grow back.

Usually, the extent of pruning depends on the type of plant. For instance, flowering plants only require removing the weak or dead parts. Meanwhile, grass and other shrubberies often need to be cut back to the ground to allow new sprouts to replace the older ones.

I’ve read that pruning actually hurts a plant (as if anyone has felt how it is to become a plant?). Well, it obviously wounds the plant but if done properly it shouldn’t harm the overall health of the plant. On the contrary, it should allow the natural healing process, which enables healthy growth. Have you ever noticed how flowering plants produce more flowers after pruning? The same is true with fruit-bearing trees and most other plants.

Pruning may also be necessary for safety reasons. Some trees can grow very tall interfering with power lines and putting people nearby at risk. Trees can also pose risk to your home, such as possible debris from the tree in case of strong winds.

Usually, pruning is best done during the dormant period of the plant (winter, early spring and fall). But this is not the case for all plants. There are plants, such as shrubs and spring blooming trees, that produce new buds once the old ones fall off. Prune these plants just after flowering. There are also some plants that need to be pruned continuously to keep them healthy.

But what if you pruned at the wrong time? There should be no problem as plants have incredible healing capacity. Pruning, no matter how odd or poorly done, is rarely fatal. Most plants recover but only after some time. To avoid worries, it would help to do some readings before you take out the pruning shears.

3 Easy DIY Garden Watering Systems You Can Do Right Now

3 Easy DIY Garden Watering Systems You Can Do Right Now

Nov 23

Many of you probably don’t know: I’m also into gardening. Yes, you read it right! This soccer fan actually tends to a small home garden. I find it beneficial growing organic vegetables and herbs which is good for one’s health.

3 Easy DIY Garden Watering Systems You Can Do Right NowI was actually planning install an air compressor into my garden’s watering system to increase the water pressure. While looking for an air compressor, I found this site, Air Compressor Judge, helpful as it offers reviews on different models and brands of air compressors. Sadly, I couldn’t seem to find a model that fits my budget, so I decided to go on DIY water systems.

For this post, allow me to share with you some nifty DIY watering systems that won’t hurt your pocket.

Drip Hoses

This is a simple DIY water system that requires cheap materials and can also help you save on your water bills. A drip hose directly brings water to the soil, drop by drop. You can either buy a roll of drip hose or you can also use an old hose. Clean the hose and punch tiny holes at least 2 inches apart. On both ends of the hose, leave 6 inches un-punctured.

Once the hose have tiny holes, attach a hose cap on one end and then the other end towards a supply to the faucet. Turn the water on keeping the pressure low, or else it will spray. Run the hose beneath the plants and then cover with 2 inches of soil. Since it is directly under the foliage, it is protected against evaporation.


Ever heard of ollas? These are earthen jars come with wide bellies and thin necks are buried in your garden. It allows you to store water to it. Water slowly seeps through the tiny holes in the ollas’ unglazed walls keeping the soil moistened. At the same time, it also prevents water evaporation or runoff. Over time, the ollas draws water to it, creating an efficient self-watering system. Ollas can capture water from rain or daily precipitate so you don’t need to worry about water run-out.

Self-watering Earth Box Planter

If you have no time to water your garden, you might find this clever project very helpful. The idea is simple: let the soil absorb water slowly from a built-in well. You just have to fill the built-in well but less frequent than what you normally do.

An earth box can be made of any material or size. It just needs to have two basic components the mulch/soil and a water reservoir. Making a DIY self-watering planter may seem complicated but it’s actually simple. You can check some instructional videos on how to make your own earth box with materials that are readily available to you.

These simple DIY projects can unburden you from the task of watering your garden daily. I find it especially helpful for busy urban dwellers.

Give youngsters the gift of a trade and a football

Give youngsters the gift of a trade and a football

Nov 15

Boy does time fly! There is just over a month to go to Christmas. And before you know it, another year has begun. I’m beginning to feel this phenomenon of how quickly time flies, particularly when you’re in the throes of an exhilarating football match, either as a player or spectator. This doesn’t apply to the coaches, of course, especially when their sides are down a couple of goals and there are just minutes to go before the ref blows it for the last time. Because of the pressure, some coaches wish that time would indeed just fly away.

There is always time to help out

But the greatest managers, ever faithful in their squad’s abilities and with a never say die attitude, always bay for another five minutes or so. Who remembers Sir Alex Ferguson’s continuous tapping on his wrist-watch while menacingly glaring at the time-keeper or ref? But, then again, he was on the winning side. But even the great Sir Alex wasn’t entirely a fan of the Christmas season, mainly because the fixtures around this time of the year are congested and managers naturally have a concern about their players’ performances and the high risk of injuries.

We, as fans, don’t mind, of course. But spare a sobering thought for the poor lads and their sisters in your neighborhood. They won’t be looking forward to Christmas as much as we are. For reasons related to the poverty they are faced with, many of these kids aren’t able to go to school. Those who do suffer from attention deficit disorder and are unable to apply themselves well to school work. As life skills practitioners and football coaches, there is always time for us to help them in some way.

Give youngsters the gift of a trade and a football

Give young, gifted lads the chance of a lifetime

In view of their dire circumstances, the greatest gift that society can give these youngsters this season is the gift of a trade and a football, along with decent clothes to wear and a few warm meals. This would set them up for a future productive life in which they are empowered to pay their own way. We could give them educational and on the job tools, some of which are listed here, to help them kick-start a better life.

They may be two of the most famous and wealthiest clubs in the world today, but there’s one thing I admire about Alex Ferguson’s beloved Manchester United F.C. and European Cup champions, Barcelona F.C. That is their emphasis on youth development off the training pitch. Young, gifted lads are literally scooped off the streets of the most impoverished townships and given the chance of a lifetime.

Messi and Ronaldo

Give youngsters the gift of a trade and a football Who would have believed that the great Lionel Messi has been with the famous Catalans since the tender age of ten? And don’t forget that his arch-nemesis, Cristiano Ronaldo, also started life playing barefoot in the street. You know, these centers of excellence are not called football academies for nothing. Let’s all try and give some of these youngsters a well-deserved break in life.

Tips For A Healthier Diet in 2016

Tips For A Healthier Diet in 2016

Nov 01

Tips For A Healthier Diet in 2016There are a lot of people who just aren’t happy with their weight. They don’t know what to do and most of them are putting some bad supplements and pills into themselves just so they could maybe loose a pound or two. The diet industry is huge and it’s making tons of money because of people and their issues. But slowly people are changing when it comes to fitness and weight loss.

When it comes to those who really want to lose weight and become healthier they sometimes don’t know what to do and what to eat! A healthy diet is something which should be practiced by everyone, no matter their weight. Today people eat every single possible trash they can find. That’s also changing slowly. But there are tons of fast food restaurants, frozen food and sugar in every possible grocery. So how to stay healthy today and what are predictions for healthy diet in 2016?

For starters, try to avoid eating processed food at all. At least eat as little of it as possible. It is dangerous for you not just because of the fact that is unhealthy for your body, but it is proven that it does have a negative effect on your mood and mental health. In 2016, try to cook more at home, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat less of sugar and carbohydrates.

You will be surprised after few weeks how your mood changes for the better. Diet really isn’t about not eating anything. There is research done on how to incorporate healthy and fresh food into your diet so that the input of the food you take daily doesn’t change drastically. What I do is make healthy meals and use my trusty vacuum sealer which I got from and sometimes I make food for the whole week – healthy and fast!

So there are bad and good fats right? Try to eat more of the good ones. FTips For A Healthier Diet in 2016or example, eat less grilled red meat and try to eat more fish. Fish has some amazing Omega3 fats which are much better for your body than typical animal fat.

By law, every food product is required to have a label on it so the consumer could know what’s in it. Read it carefully so you can be aware what you eat. Also, focus on the taste of the food after the consumption. Habits show up when you directly focus on them. That way you will know what you like and what is good for you.

Now there is one more thing which you should consider. Eat so much food as your body needs. Eat smaller portions but with different types of food. Mixing some food will get you what you need and you will have a better understanding of the food you eat. The problem is when people start limiting themselves to what food they can eat. Don’t do that. It is important to eat everything so you don’t feel like a failure while on a diet.

Can’t Get Football Tickets?

Can’t Get Football Tickets?

Oct 30

As a big fan of football, I know what a pain it can be when you can’t manage to get tickets for a game you really want to see. I also know there are, perhaps, some ways to view or record a football game, even if you can’t physically be there at the stadium or field when the game occurs. What I’m talking about are quad copters, or drones as they are more commonly known around the world. Many of these automated flying machines come with a camera or other recording device attached, which allows the pilot to have eyes even in places they normally could not.

Well the implications here should be clear. Even if you can’t see the Football game you’ve been pining to watch, with a quad copter, you technically still can. The only thing is, you’ll need to watch the feed provided by the copter, either through a live streaming connection or by reviewing the on-board data which is recorded during use, sort of like how you’d put a DVD into a player to watch the contents. Actually, there are two things, and that’s just one of them. The other is that quad copters and drones in general are kind of a legal grey area today.

Different countries and even different provinces and states in the same country seem to have different rules and regulations surrounding the use of quad copters and drones. It seems to be a universal thing that it’s against the law for one to take the footage created by their quad copter, turn around and use it in a commercial manner. That means you couldn’t record the championship game and then sell copies to people over the Internet for 20 GBP a pop. If you were just keeping the recording for your own, private use, you might have no legal issues to worry about though. Click here for more info on quad copters.

There are also other restrictions to keep in mind like maximum speed, flying height, whether or not your copter is chipped and traceable by your local aviation authority, and more. Please, before you go using one of these devices to record football games from outside the stadium, make sure you’re complying with all of your local laws concerning the use of the quad copter. Keep in mind that this is new technology, so the laws may not have caught up with it in some places, leaving them either very lenient or very strict. It’s up to you to look into that first.

If you’ve got the all clear to take to the skies and start recording things, you’ll want to take a serious look at all the different quad copters that are available, and the selection is surprisingly wide and varied for them being relatively new technology. The Quad Copter Guru can tell you more about these devices than I can, that’s for sure. On the other hand, Ii you’re looking for interesting new ways to catch sports games without actually being in attendance, stick around.

Why should you strengthen your muscles

Why should you strengthen your muscles

Oct 25

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to have strong muscles. That’s always meant a great strength and invincibility. Today I know that strong muscles are not only useful if you want to be a superhero. They can make your life easier, more interesting and allow you to grow old with a dignity. To this day, it is the reason why I stand for the promotion of active living. Better quality of life is one big reason. But if I have to explain it in more detail, then I will single out the following reasons.

  1. Strong muscles affect the posture and reduce the chance of injury. They give good support to your spine. This will reduce bad posture and back pain. Stronger muscles are some kind prevention of injuries that can occur due to sudden movements. Such injuries rarely bring only the pain in the back. Depending on the part of the spine you have injured, can you feel the pain in the neck and pain in the hands or legs. This will affect your movement and your quality of life.
  2. They prevent diseases. Strengthening the muscles implies their daily active use, and you can only have them if you lead an active life. I have many times pointed out the importance of leading an active life. Here, I will mention only some of the chronic diseases that activity and strong muscles can prevent. These are, for example, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Active life involves a certain amount of sweating, which is the way of body detoxification. Toxins are the cause of many chronic and autoimmune diseases. The body free of toxins fights against the viruses and bacteria better, and has a stronger immunity.
  3. Activity allows the regulation of body weight. Let’s admit it – the excess of body fat does not look nice as strong and sculpted muscles. It is not hard to strengthen the muscles and to burn fat. You just have to choose an activity that you love. This may be going to the gym and exercise on various devices. But it is also enough that you only have a punching bag like those offered by Punching bag pro, to strengthen all the muscles. Although at first glance it seems completely inefficient, hitting the bag requires the involvement of all muscles. No, it is not easy, but trust me – it’s very, very effective!
  4. Performance of everyday tasks is easier. No matter whether you are a stay at home mom, a farmer or construction worker, strong muscles will facilitate every job – from raising a child, to land cultivation. When you have poor and weak muscles and when they are not active, even sitting and standing up can be a big effort.
  5. Better self-esteem. When I gather all of this, it is logical to conclude – strong muscles build your self-esteem. When you look lovely, when you are healthy, then your mood is better and your energy level is higher. These are the cornerstones needed to build a great picture about yourself.

When you live this kind of life, then you have the will to try new things. An active life is not boring. Sitting will not give you an unforgettable experience and memories. When the activity becomes a habit, it will allow you to grow old with dignity – healthy, strong and with a lot of valuable memories.

Tips for safe winter driving

Tips for safe winter driving

Oct 24

I believe that everyone will agree with me that the day is the ideal time to drive. Darkness brings with it many pitfalls – from poor visibility to a sudden light that can blind us. And when it’s winter, driving becomes even more unpleasant. But, it is the time when you need your vehicle the most. When the weather is nice, you can also take a walk. When the weather conditions are bad, nobody wants to walk, not even me, although I am a proponent of a healthy and active life. So I want to say a few words about safe driving during the winter because road safety is one of the ways to be and stay healthy. Driving conditions during winter are getting worse. Roadways are often slippery and covered with rain, ice and snow. Of course, in urban areas, roads are clean, but the man cannot always reach a pace of nature. Therefore, it is always best to rely on your own strength when it comes to safety.

First of all, for safe driving in winter, it is necessary to drive slowly and carefully. You do not need to brake suddenly or do fast maneuvers with the car, especially not on the road that is not dry. Such maneuvers may have risky turns and seriously endanger the safety of the driver. In addition, it is important to keep the proper distance from other road users. Slower driving and proper distance will give you enough time to direct your vehicle at a critical moment.

Equip your car with winter tires. Yes, they have a deeper treads, but also a different composition of the rubber. These tires behave differently at low temperatures. Their fibers adhere better on the road covered with snow and ice, provide increased traction and prevent slippage during braking. When the road is covered with snow, winter tires are not enough to ensure safety. In this case, your car needs chains.

Get a good light. In winter, the day is much shorter, so it is very important that you have good light in order to have a clearly visible road. When the safety of driving in the winter is concerned, I think that LED lights are irreplaceable. Check this site: LED lights provide adequate light, but at the same time they are resistant to low temperatures and severe weather conditions.

To be clear, good lighting is necessary and throughout the day, especially in winter conditions. You can be in the middle of a fog, heavy precipitation, and generally poorer visibility than during the beautiful spring day. It is especially important that emergency services have lights that provide a clear visibility on the road. In this way, they will always be noticed and arrive promptly where they are needed.

Clean the car from the snow. Remove snow from the roof, because it fall off the roof and endanger road safety. Scrape off all the ice from the windows so that you have good visibility. Check the windscreen wipers before starting. They should move without obstacles and adhere well to the glass.

Heat the car before starting. In this way, you will check the battery and prevent fogging the windows from the inside, that occurs because the differences in the external and the inner temperature.

Maybe your car is not a living being. However, do not underestimate the need to equip it for the winter. It is the only proven way to enjoy safe driving.

Playing Football Is Safer Than Playing With Guns

Playing Football Is Safer Than Playing With Guns

Oct 20

When reading about the ongoing scourge of gun violence across the United States of America, no-one is sadder than I am. It seems as though where war and international terrorism is concerned, the Americans are always the first to voice their objections, particularly when their own citizens are affected. And where international terrorism is concerned, we are not immune either. But even so, thanks to our country’s laws, we are safer than most other countries. Or so we think.

The American conundrum

It is said that hundreds more Americans die each year due to domestic gun violations than through global acts of war or terrorism. The statistics are there to bear this out if you are one of those who don’t believe what I’m saying. It is all true. Not even that country’s president, Barack Obama, is able to stem this scourge. His ongoing call for the repeal of lax laws on gun ownership continues to fall on deaf ears. Vigilant federal law enforcement agencies don’t seem able to stop guns falling into the wrong hands either.

It also seems to be quite easy for depressed young men, bearing a grudge against others, to pick up a firearm or sub-machine gun and head off to a cinema, community town hall or high school and randomly start shooting to kill innocent boys and girls. Sadly, it is all very strange for this young life-skills coach to comprehend in light of America being one of the most progressive nations on earth.  Even in less-developed nations, gun ownership laws are stringent and heavily policed.

Thank goodness for football

In extreme cases, severe punishment awaits those who choose to illegally obtain an unlicensed firearm. But usually, particularly in advanced democratic nations, those who wish to keep guns and rifles, mainly for sporting reasons and as collector’s items, have to abide with laws that ensure that everybody remains safe. And according to Top Gun Safe, one of the most salient rules is that all responsible gun owners store their weapons away in a secure gun safe.

No matter who you are in the world today, teacher, parent, youth leader or community activist, rich or poor, you should always be teaching youngsters not to play with guns. In fact, we should be teaching the youth what sort of effect heavy tools can make if used wrong, especially guns. Responsibility is key. Thank goodness for football, though. Greater Manchester has had its fair share of problems over the years. But I’m happy to say that the tide turned for the better a number of years ago. Every year, more and more youngsters are finishing school and going on to get a decent university education.

Scarves and songs

And when our youth are not busy studying or doing a weekend job, the only bit of warfare they have an interest in is that of the beautiful game. Whether they are supporting the Sky Blues or the men in red, the only weapons they carry with them to the stadium are their scarves and an armory of songs.

The Special One Might Be Drinking Hard Water

The Special One Might Be Drinking Hard Water

Oct 19

Football fans who have been reading my blog on a regular basis already know that I started coaching from a young age. At this stage of my life I am still learning. And it’s not just soccer that I’m teaching young ones to play. Always on a learning curve myself; I’m also grooming my younger peers during the delicate stages of their development. Basically, I’m a life-skills adherent and coach.  Apart from the training courses I’ve been on, I can honestly say that I’ve learned from the best.

Learning from the best

Just take my hometown, for instance. There are no fewer than four great clubs with a rich history of fame, fortune, success, and yes, even heartbreak, behind them. Where global football fans are concerned, two obvious examples come to mind. At the moment, these two great English Premier League clubs are being coached by two of the finest managers in the business today. One manager preaches the fine arts of creativity and flair on the football pitch, allowing his players to express themselves freely. The other gentleman is an astute technician.

You never see the Red Devils’ boss, Louis van Gaal, without a notepad on his clipboard during a match. His opposite number, Manuel Pellegrini, on the other hand, always looks so relaxed on his feet close to the touchline, even when his beloved Citizens have their backs to the wall. But these two experienced coaches are also well-supported by their assistants who are Manchurian legends in their own right. Even today, great teachers who lead by example learn their trade from still greater masters.

The Manchester legends

Manchester United’s long-serving Welsh dragon, Ryan Giggs, and Pellegrini’s current assistant, Brian Kidd, learned their coaching skills from one of the greatest managers of all time. We’ll get back to that legend in a moment. For now though, it is also sad that, whether they be brilliant or abjectly poor at what they do, football has its fair share of poor sportsmen. And if you are a Londoner or fan of this particular club, please forgive me if this Manchester boy comes across as being a tad biased.

But let’s be honest, even at the best of times, Chelsea’s self-appointed Special One, is a bad sport. There is not a weekend that goes by when Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho, is not blaming the referees or his opposite numbers for some or another shortcoming in his team’s current inability to replicate their previous season’s championship-winning form. Quite frankly, I think Mourinho may be drinking too much hard water. What exactly is this young man talking about, you may be wondering. I found out about this quite by chance, and you can read more about it if you have an interest in good, clean water.

The greatest

Ryan Giggs won two Champion’s League trophies during his ongoing career with Manchester United. Brian Kidd was involved in one famous victory. And who taught these two great players to become such good role models today? I’ll tell you who; the great Sir Alex Ferguson.

Things To Consider for a Home CrossFit Gym

Things To Consider for a Home CrossFit Gym

Oct 09

I’m often asked about the important equipment needed to form a home CrossFit gym. CrossFit as I’ve found from my experience as student and later as a coach, is the fastest way to get to your fitness goal. It is the best way to grow your strength and enhance conditioning training.  If you are bored by the routine workouts at your gym and frustrated at not seeing the desired results, CrossFit is the answer for your troubles.

The vigorous workout regimen is a powerful combination of aerobics, gymnastics, and weight training. It is a dynamic workout form, which keeps you fit in every aspect. Functional fitness is aimed at by the workouts pushing your body to its maximum capacity resulting in a better shape, strength, and health.  In short, cross fit keeps you fit to meet any challenges you face in life.

So back to the question of equipment, CrossFit needs certain essential equipment whether you want to set up a home gym or are joining a CrossFit gym. The equipment helps to boost your results and help reach your fitness goals easily.

Basic equipment

While there are thousands of equipment types present, you need just a few basic gears to get started on the fitness routine. These include Bumper plates, gymnastic rings, speed or jump rope, Olympic bar, kettlebells, dumbbells, pullup bar, parallettes, plyobox, rower and padded medicine ball. While you may consider the above equipment quite expensive to buy, these are actually great for getting you fit and strong effectively.

The equipment possesses unlimited potential, so it is wise to invest in them, and get started. A bench for the bench press workouts is an essential addition. I have a wooden bench made especially for this. I built it from scratch and my dynamic reciprocating saw played a significant role in building it.  While steel benches are used by many, I find the wood bench best for my workouts.

Body weight workouts offer the most benefits when you train as they increase endurance, overall functionality and strength without much expense at all. But when you supplement the body weight workouts with the equipment I mentioned, it will help you challenge your limits and open you to a wider variety of exercise regimen.

Although you may want to substitute some of the equipment with others, these are the fundamental equipment for CrossFit that you can find in most gyms around the world.


When it comes to individual preferences, there are some things that many CrossFit athletes choose to make their CrossFit gym complete. Sometimes all you may need other than the list I mentioned is a complete workout music playlist you have chosen personally. For, music especially upbeat music can take you through a couple of additional rounds with the sheer motivation it provides.  So if you are a music enthusiast, keep an appropriate playlist handy.

Next to music, other things that can add to your motivation levels include a stopwatch that has several apps integrated into it such as a calorie tracker, GPS or heart rate monitor. But even a pen and journal are sufficient to record your progress and increase the intensity when needed.


Tools with Utility

Tools with Utility

Sep 26

What good is a tool that doesn’t actually provide any utility for the user? Such a thing is essentially a paperweight, good for weighing down another thing or for breaking a window if you lock yourself out of your home or car, but not for anything else. On the other hand, tools with a wide range of uses are always some of the most popular. For instance, every person I know has at least a socket wrench and a set of sockets lying around in a garage or basement somewhere. Some tools are just so useful that people feel like they have to have them.

Speaking of tools with a wide variety of functions, have you ever seen an oscillating tool before? They’re very useful because they can perform a variety of operations, thus using a single tool to take the place of several different tools. There are sawing bits for cutting wood and other materials, sanding bits for doing finishing work on rough surfaces, and scraping tools for removing old grout and pulling up tiles, just to name a few of the things an oscillating tool can do. Just like the socket wrench mentioned above, this is one tool nobody should be without.

Which is why you might want to consider buying one. I don’t know about you, but I like to have things and not need them rather than need things and not have them; or at least I prefer that as long as I don’t end up spending a lot of money on something I never end up using. Even as a football coach, I can think of a few ways to use such a device. Cutting new sections of netting for goals, chopping bits of PVC pipe to make impromptu goal posts from what’s essentially garbage and sanding off the rough edges are all possibilities if you have an effective oscillating tool.

Unlike a lot of other power tools, these things are actually very affordable. Maybe it has something to do with the small size of a typical tool. Despite how easy they are to carry and handle though, these things come with enough power to do almost any job you could imagine. Now they probably won’t saw through metal pipes or sheets for you, though it could be possible with the right attachment. These tools are more or less made for the DIYer, someone with lots of little projects who needs versatile equipment to get them done. You can see for yourself at

I actually have a good deal of experience with these tools, and I’m happy to say that I’ve found them quite useful. I think the majority of people reading this will feel the same way when they finally realize they’ve got a tool which will do about half a dozen things for them. I’m not going to lie and say the possibilities are endless or anything like that. But if you have a handy friend and can’t think of what to get them for an upcoming birthday, here’s an idea for you.

Maintaining the Middle Body

Maintaining the Middle Body

Sep 24

It is the mistake of many amateur athletes to believe that one’s balance depends mainly upon one’s feet. However, few things could be further from the truth than this belief. The fact is, a person’s center of gravity or center of mass is what has the greatest effect on their balance.

By exercising your center of mass and learning how to better manipulate it, you can invariably manage to stay on your feet and upright when other people would be tumbling over in one direction or another. There are a handful of exercises which are used specifically for maintaining the middle body too.

Who hasn’t heard of crunches? Depending on who you ask, they’re either really good for your core, really bad for your neck, or more often somewhere in between these two extremes.

Nobody said you had to be lying flat on your back to do the same movement and work the same muscles though, so there’s no reason at all that such an exercise should hurt your neck. In fact, if you were to alternate lifting your knees up into your chest at a standing position, you could get your calves and thighs into the mix while toning your center.

Besides that, chopping wood is actually a good exercise for the entire body. The arms swing your axe or other tool of choice, but your lower body gives you a stable foundation so your middle body can go through the chopping motion and put more power into the swing of your arms. Chopping down whole trees isn’t necessarily the best option here though. Instead, you could use a gas powered log splitter to first chop a log in half, and then focus your physical chopping on the two halves. In any case, make sure you’re using a solid axe with a head that won’t go flying.

Honestly, have you ever tried chopping trees? Even lumberjacks use splitters like you can find at to make their work easier, and they also happen to be some of the biggest, toughest guys you can find. Speaking of big and tough, have you ever considered flipping tractor tires?

That’s where you lie a big tire flat and flip it over onto the other side to move it, rather than rolling it. This exercise is cheap since you can buy exhausted tires for next to nothing at your local dump; the only issue is finding enough open space so you can actually do the exercise.

So, there you have three great exercises for working the middle of your body, improving your balance and giving you a stronger, more stable body overall. But some readers probably have a few good exercises of their own which would be worth mentioning here. To be fair, these three are just a fraction of all the different ways you could work your core and build up a better sense of balance. However, they are some of the cheapest exercises available and all promise powerful returns for the user.

Best Wood For Making Outdoor Furniture

Best Wood For Making Outdoor Furniture

Sep 17

When it’s autumn, I tend to spend my free time in my garden: tending to the plants, improving the landscaping and seeing to the maintenance of the entire yard including the pool.  For a long time, I’d been thinking of making a multipurpose garden bench, one where you can sit and enjoy the plants and nature or use as a table for keeping things.  So far, I haven’t got around to it. Outdoor seating is very important and gives an excellent finishing touch to a garden or yard and it can be actually done easily.

Whether you place it nearby a meandering path or under your favorite tree, a comfortable and cozy place where you can sit and enjoy your handiwork in the garden is certainly one of the little pleasures you enjoy in your routine life. It also serves to help ease the pressures of the day ahead in the mornings or unwind after a long day at work.

The important part is selecting the wood for the bench.  Garden benches and any other furniture for use in the garden or patio can be designed from a wide variety of materials. But wood is the best material to date, as it exudes beauty and warmth and blends naturally with the surrounding. When you choose the wood, make sure it is weather resistant and durable. It should also be easy to finish. I use an excellent belt sander I bought at this place for getting a good finish.

Here are some varieties to help you choose a right one for your garden:


If you are environment conscious and prefer ecofriendly and sustainability measures, acacia wood is an ideal choice. The wood is durable, dense, and readily available and is actually the preferred material for boat building, hence is perfect for outdoors where you need to have furniture that withstands the weather elements.  Sealed acacia wood has a rich and golden brown hue, while unsealed variety is just right for patio or deck furniture, as it is exposed to the dampness from the ground, which can cause it to discolor easily.


This is resistant to rot and insects and is an ideal choice, if you are in the habit of rearranging your garden furniture frequently.  It paints and further stains well too. You should have it cleaned and sealed annually; otherwise, it can become quite rough. My neighbor has all his patio furniture made of cedar and uses HITACHI SB8V2 BELTSANDER for the finishing and the furniture look really wonderful.


This wood is insect as well as rot resistant, because of the inherent preservative present in the wood. This wood does not need any finish to keep it protected from the elements but an occasional coat of oil would help in keeping the fresh look. Although the wood fades over time, it does not shrink or expand as the seasons change.


This is an eco-friendly choice, but the wood is in limited supply. The wood is durable and resistant to elements as well as insects and decay. It does not shrink, warp and is very stable. However, it can be prone to scratches and dents easily, as it is soft. Be sure to seal it, as it can easily stain your clothing, if left without sealing.

My First Longboarding Experience

My First Longboarding Experience

Sep 11

I’ve recently discovered longboarding and I have to admit – it’s an addicting extreme sport. I just couldn’t resist the speed and adventure you get while riding the longboard. While I have seen a number of incredible longboarding videos over the internet (some even featuring female longboarders), I haven’t really tried it until last week.

It was a lazy Sunday morning when a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join him (and his ‘gang’) for a short biking trip to a nearby hill. Since I had nothing to do that day, I immediately said yes.

My friend was with a group of bikers and they are set for an uphill bike trail. I guess it was their usual route because of their familiarity. With clear skies and cool breeze of air, it was a perfect day for biking.

I took out my bike and set off with these cool guys I’ve just met. The paved road was perfect for biking and the scenery was new to me. But unlike my usual route, uphill biking seemed to be more challenging.

I had to force my lower body muscles a bit more for this ride. Most of them were actually surprised that I can keep up with their pace despite my months of lacking bike training. I thought to myself – I have been training Crossfit and have been running almost every day, so biking uphill isn’t really a major challenge.

I didn’t really know where we’re heading except that they told me we’re supposed to rest at a hilltop park. About an hour into our incline ride, we reached the park and alighted. Most of the bikers went to their pre-parked cars to get something. Soon, they were back to the rest area together with their longboards.

I really didn’t really know that those guys where longboarders too, but the adventurous guy inside me was silently shouting in excitement.

I haven’t really tried longboarding but it’s one on my bucket list. So, when they asked me if I wanted to try, I immediately said yes. Since I have had previous experience with skateboarding and surfing, they told me that I wouldn’t have a hard time learning the basics of longboarding.

Soon, I found myself wearing one of the helmets and riding the longboard. It was a 42-inch Loaded Bamboo Vanguard Longboard, much like the ones reviewed on this site: I really didn’t care if it was a beginner’s longboard or not, I am just too excited and wanted to try it pronto!

My friend taught me the basics: balance, maneuvering, controlling speed, stopping the board, and limb coordination. I was too eager to ride the board; in just half an hour, I was already up on my feet and ready for my first ride.

They said the first few stretch of the hill has a moderate incline, just right for a beginner. In no time, I was already freely gliding down the hill. It was a perfect ride. While I may have bruised an arm and leg for carelessly jumping off the longboard (which I should have never done), the adrenaline rush was just so cool!

After a couple more tries, the bikers decided to drive back home. I would really wanted more but since I don’t have my own longboard, I obliged to the group. Anyway, I’ve been searching for a good beginner longboard online and have been reading this site. I guess, I fell in love with the excitement longboard gives!

My Proven 4 Fitness Steps To Healthy Living

My Proven 4 Fitness Steps To Healthy Living

Aug 26

While a lot of us would believe we lead a decently healthy lifestyle, only a few would be aware of the reality. We all know the importance of healthy living. It is as simple as it gets- healthy eating and a lot of physical exercises. But in this busy life, we often tend to skip the part concerning fitness care. The gym is not the only solution to this problem. For a lot of us, going to the gym isn’t the most feasible option either. There are various other steps you can take in order to have a good lifestyle. These are simple forms of physical activities that are included in your daily schedule.

So, what do we do? Let us go through some of the easy steps we can take in this regard.

  • Walk it out

This is the age old remedy for fitness and proper health care and is still one of the best options we have today. Walk it out! Even a walk for 30 minutes in the morning can do wonders to your health! Also, when you go for work or school or college, try to walk as much as possible. This also has another benefit. Avoiding vehicles would mean avoiding air pollution. If you cannot walk in the morning, take a walk in the evening after work.

  • Cycling

If walking to work or school isn’t a feasible option, then use your bike to commute. Cycling is also a good body exercise that engages the tighter muscles of the body and thus acts as a fruitful physical activity. This is great for toning your thigh muscles and keeping yourself fit throughout the year. You can just cycle for a few minutes every day, be it in the morning or on your way to work. But, make sure to use a helmet while you ride your bike. Learn more about at this useful website.

  • Swimming

Swimming engages the entire body. It targets every small muscle of the body and refreshes you thoroughly. Just take a few minutes off from your daily schedule and swim. It is best if you do this after the long day of work. While this s a form of relaxation or a stress buster, this also helps to tone your body and keep you fit. This dual purpose activity is very useful for the body!

  • Dance your heart out

As unusual as this sounds, dancing is a great physical activity. Well, yes of course, this is specifically meant for those who love dancing. Practice this activity at home for half an hour every day and your work is done. This is something you love. So, you will not feel any stress while doing so. This keeps your muscles active and your body fit.

There are lots of other small activities that you can engage in. These would include the likes of skipping with skipping ropes, skating and of course jogging. Physical fitness can be achieved by small natural forms of exercise. Naturally, you have to team it up with good and healthy food!

Have a healthy day!

Unwind your mind and body and enjoy life

Unwind your mind and body and enjoy life

Jul 24

The fast-paced life we live in compels us to work 24/7 without a moment of relaxation. The endless workhours, weekend partying, and socializing can take their toll on your mental and physical health, Regardless of how desperate you are to complete your office or personal work, you need to have some time off to unwind or relax.

Even in our exhausted state, we tend to be drawn to activities, which drain us more. The protests by our bodies falls on deaf ears. But if you don’t relax you can very well say goodbye to all the physical activities you had taken up and the money you have saved slogging at work. When overstressed you cannot concentrate and you’ll be more prone to diseases such as hypertension, stroke, diabetes etc. I always tell my crossfit clients and football team that while physical exercise and practice is must to reach their goal they also should learn to unwind. When you let go of the stress you can feel relaxed, recharged, and refreshed. Here are some ways to realize this

Breathe for life

This is by far the simplest and shortest of activities and gives ultimate restorative effect too. Take deep breaths and as you inhale and exhale, the pause that occurs between is a break that is inbuilt in your body and helps to keep the body in balance. The deep breaths help you relax and feel refreshed.

Attend to your needs

Attending can take any form. Just as you tend to your home by washing the windows, cleaning the sheets, dusting and decluttering you need to tend to your body with a hot bath, an oil massage or anything else that keeps you relaxed and feeling good.

Some like to take a walk as the sun sets or rises. I like watching the fish move about in my home aquarium. It is a huge one and I take meticulous care in maintaining the aquarium clean and functional. I’ve bought a keen canister filter for this purpose from Watching fish is a very relaxing habit that helps you get rid of stress easily.

Keep a journal

Writing the various happenings and events that occur during your routine day helps to relax especially when you are passing through a rough phase. It can be just a couple of lines about your day or a detailed one, if it helps you relax you can take it up regularly. But if you find this being added to your long list of to do things it is better to skip it.

Clear your mind

It is difficult to relax when your mind is on a hundred things at a time. Sit down for a few minutes, make a list of the things you need to do and in the right order. Leave the rest for the next day. Find out the things in the list that you have control over and those that you don’t.  If you don’t have control, it is better to let it go. But if you do wield control, it is better to do as much as you can and then move ahead.

Hunting for Your Health

Hunting for Your Health

Jul 20

Escaping from civilization and getting out into the wilderness is very good for some people. If you suffer from a lot of stress thanks to your job, home, family, friends and other aspects of your life, sometimes getting away from it all really is just what you need. Going hunting is a great way to accomplish this. Hunting seasons are regulated, so you know when you’ll be going before you even leave. Tracking small and large game in rough terrain is sure to give you a hell of a workout too thanks to all the walking, hiking and climbing that occurs.

From what’s been said already, hunting has a kind of dual benefit for your health. It’s good for your psychological health because you finally get some peace and quiet, some much needed time away from all the stressors in your life that constantly demand your time, your attention and your effort. It’s also good for you physically because you get out and away from the city, you get to breathe some fresh air, you get a hefty bit of exercise and, if you’re lucky, you get to drag your game back to camp or wherever it is you set up for your hunt.

As exciting as the prospect of some relief from your daily woes might be, don’t be so excited about a temporary escape that you rush off on some hunting trip without first preparing yourself. Consider what it is you’ll be hunting and be sure to bring along the appropriate equipment for that specific game. You can find information on all kinds of hunting equipment over at if you’re relatively ignorant about the sport, but if you already have a good idea what you possess and what you still need, you know what to do.

I’ve found that some of the best times I’ve had have been when I was alone, facing adversity without someone else to fall back on. Ultimately, pulling through those times has made me into a stronger, more rounded person. Or at least I believe that, anyhow. Just like any fishing tales you might want to tell, hunting stories are best accented with some visual aids. I’m thinking you might want to bring along a trail camera of some kind, though any sort of digital camera would probably do the trick if you just want to get picture proof of your deeds. Even an old camera with instant film would work, if you had one.

It would be ironic, even tragic if you were to go on a hunting trip to escape from responsibility for a while and relax, and only ended up more stressed out and bothered because you failed to bring the right tools for the job. Please keep that in mind while planning any outings – not just hunting trips. You can avoid a lot of frustration in life by planning ahead and making sure you have the items you’ll need to complete a specific task without a hitch.