Practical Steps into Becoming the Peaceful Warrior

Practical Steps into Becoming the Peaceful Warrior

Jun 19

Anger is generally a destructive force. While it could be used toward some good by building something up rather than breaking something down, anger often comes on too suddenly and hormones are rushing through a person’s brain when the time to make a decision comes. That state of mind can make it difficult even for level-headed people to make the right choice – it’s effectively like acting under duress.

Because of this, I recommend trying to keep calm throughout the day, rather than succumbing to those small, annoying things which can so quickly pile up at work, at home and elsewhere. It isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do, but learning how to better deal with those small annoyances will help a lot later on, when something more serious happens. Think of it as a kind of training for the mind rather than the body.

There is no panacea for anger or a short temper. Like improving yourself in many other ways, getting a better handle on your anger is going to take some time and practice. If you follow these practical steps when you feel rage building, you can help abate it and not get so worked up.

Top 10 Reasons for Active Lifestyle

Top 10 Reasons for Active Lifestyle

Jun 19

There are really too many reasons to list them all here, but getting physically fit and embracing an active lifestyle has always been good for people. I tell that my students and players all the time, but finding a fitness regimen and sticking to it isn’t just good for improving your performance in the football matches – it’s absolutely vital to maintaining positive health and being comfortable with your own body. So I’ve decided to list out top 10 reasons on how living active lifestyle can benefit your everyday life:

Increased Energy

This is kind of a no-brainer for me, but I’ve got plenty of athletic training experience and kind of have an edge when it comes to physical fitness. For everyone else, it’s important to know that increased physical activity actually leads to more energy, not less.

Faster Metabolism

I mentioned it above, but an increased metabolic rate is a kind of double benefit to getting active. While it will help your body’s cells to get more oxygen, heightened metabolism helps to break down sugars, fats and proteins faster, getting all that extra energy into your blood at a quicker rate than if you were just sitting around.

The Best Sport in the World – Football

The Best Sport in the World – Football

Jun 11

Now, before you get ready to fire off a nasty email on account of mine thinking Football (soccer) is the best sport in the world, take a breath of calm. Nobody is making you read this and you’re free to roll your mouse cursor to the northeast corner of your screen and just close this window out now if you’re just going to complain about what’s written here. I hear lots of people go on about how their favorite sport is the best game in the world. Those are matters of opinion, and this is just my own opinion, along with a few good facts to back up the claim that Football is the best sport in the world.

Like most articles about a person’s favorite sport, mine is going to begin with a recount of my first game. I was young; a lot younger than I am now, let me tell you. The world was my oyster, so to speak, and I thought I could do anything if I had the will for it. Maybe it had more to do with me being in the prime of my life than Football itself, but I loved the game.

It didn’t matter that I haven’t scored on my first real game – some of the best players in the world go through an entire match without a goal to their credit. However, I did set up a couple other players to score, entrenching in my mind the idea that teamwork can make or break a sports team. That’s truer in Football than in any other game, I’d say.

At present, there are five solid reasons I can come up with, each of which supports my claim that Football really is the best sport in the world. You may disagree with my ultimate synopsis, but it would be difficult even for die-hard fans of other sports to argue with the following points:

My Proven 4 Fitness Steps To Healthy Living

My Proven 4 Fitness Steps To Healthy Living

Aug 26

While a lot of us would believe we lead a decently healthy lifestyle, only a few would be aware of the reality. We all know the importance of healthy living. It is as simple as it gets- healthy eating and a lot of physical exercises. But in this busy life, we often tend to skip the part concerning fitness care. The gym is not the only solution to this problem. For a lot of us, going to the gym isn’t the most feasible option either. There are various other steps you can take in order to have a good lifestyle. These are simple forms of physical activities that are included in your daily schedule.

So, what do we do? Let us go through some of the easy steps we can take in this regard.

  • Walk it out

This is the age old remedy for fitness and proper health care and is still one of the best options we have today. Walk it out! Even a walk for 30 minutes in the morning can do wonders to your health! Also, when you go for work or school or college, try to walk as much as possible. This also has another benefit. Avoiding vehicles would mean avoiding air pollution. If you cannot walk in the morning, take a walk in the evening after work.

  • Cycling

If walking to work or school isn’t a feasible option, then use your bike to commute. Cycling is also a good body exercise that engages the tighter muscles of the body and thus acts as a fruitful physical activity. This is great for toning your thigh muscles and keeping yourself fit throughout the year. You can just cycle for a few minutes every day, be it in the morning or on your way to work. But, make sure to use a helmet while you ride your bike. Learn more about at this useful website.

  • Swimming

Swimming engages the entire body. It targets every small muscle of the body and refreshes you thoroughly. Just take a few minutes off from your daily schedule and swim. It is best if you do this after the long day of work. While this s a form of relaxation or a stress buster, this also helps to tone your body and keep you fit. This dual purpose activity is very useful for the body!

  • Dance your heart out

As unusual as this sounds, dancing is a great physical activity. Well, yes of course, this is specifically meant for those who love dancing. Practice this activity at home for half an hour every day and your work is done. This is something you love. So, you will not feel any stress while doing so. This keeps your muscles active and your body fit.

There are lots of other small activities that you can engage in. These would include the likes of skipping with skipping ropes, skating and of course jogging. Physical fitness can be achieved by small natural forms of exercise. Naturally, you have to team it up with good and healthy food!

Have a healthy day!

Unwind your mind and body and enjoy life

Unwind your mind and body and enjoy life

Jul 24

The fast-paced life we live in compels us to work 24/7 without a moment of relaxation. The endless workhours, weekend partying, and socializing can take their toll on your mental and physical health, Regardless of how desperate you are to complete your office or personal work, you need to have some time off to unwind or relax.

Even in our exhausted state, we tend to be drawn to activities, which drain us more. The protests by our bodies falls on deaf ears. But if you don’t relax you can very well say goodbye to all the physical activities you had taken up and the money you have saved slogging at work. When overstressed you cannot concentrate and you’ll be more prone to diseases such as hypertension, stroke, diabetes etc. I always tell my crossfit clients and football team that while physical exercise and practice is must to reach their goal they also should learn to unwind. When you let go of the stress you can feel relaxed, recharged, and refreshed. Here are some ways to realize this

Breathe for life

This is by far the simplest and shortest of activities and gives ultimate restorative effect too. Take deep breaths and as you inhale and exhale, the pause that occurs between is a break that is inbuilt in your body and helps to keep the body in balance. The deep breaths help you relax and feel refreshed.

Attend to your needs

Attending can take any form. Just as you tend to your home by washing the windows, cleaning the sheets, dusting and decluttering you need to tend to your body with a hot bath, an oil massage or anything else that keeps you relaxed and feeling good.

Some like to take a walk as the sun sets or rises. I like watching the fish move about in my home aquarium. It is a huge one and I take meticulous care in maintaining the aquarium clean and functional. I’ve bought a keen canister filter for this purpose from Watching fish is a very relaxing habit that helps you get rid of stress easily.

Keep a journal

Writing the various happenings and events that occur during your routine day helps to relax especially when you are passing through a rough phase. It can be just a couple of lines about your day or a detailed one, if it helps you relax you can take it up regularly. But if you find this being added to your long list of to do things it is better to skip it.

Clear your mind

It is difficult to relax when your mind is on a hundred things at a time. Sit down for a few minutes, make a list of the things you need to do and in the right order. Leave the rest for the next day. Find out the things in the list that you have control over and those that you don’t.  If you don’t have control, it is better to let it go. But if you do wield control, it is better to do as much as you can and then move ahead.

Hunting for Your Health

Hunting for Your Health

Jul 20

Escaping from civilization and getting out into the wilderness is very good for some people. If you suffer from a lot of stress thanks to your job, home, family, friends and other aspects of your life, sometimes getting away from it all really is just what you need. Going hunting is a great way to accomplish this. Hunting seasons are regulated, so you know when you’ll be going before you even leave. Tracking small and large game in rough terrain is sure to give you a hell of a workout too thanks to all the walking, hiking and climbing that occurs.

From what’s been said already, hunting has a kind of dual benefit for your health. It’s good for your psychological health because you finally get some peace and quiet, some much needed time away from all the stressors in your life that constantly demand your time, your attention and your effort. It’s also good for you physically because you get out and away from the city, you get to breathe some fresh air, you get a hefty bit of exercise and, if you’re lucky, you get to drag your game back to camp or wherever it is you set up for your hunt.

As exciting as the prospect of some relief from your daily woes might be, don’t be so excited about a temporary escape that you rush off on some hunting trip without first preparing yourself. Consider what it is you’ll be hunting and be sure to bring along the appropriate equipment for that specific game. You can find information on all kinds of hunting equipment over at if you’re relatively ignorant about the sport, but if you already have a good idea what you possess and what you still need, you know what to do.

I’ve found that some of the best times I’ve had have been when I was alone, facing adversity without someone else to fall back on. Ultimately, pulling through those times has made me into a stronger, more rounded person. Or at least I believe that, anyhow. Just like any fishing tales you might want to tell, hunting stories are best accented with some visual aids. I’m thinking you might want to bring along a trail camera of some kind, though any sort of digital camera would probably do the trick if you just want to get picture proof of your deeds. Even an old camera with instant film would work, if you had one.

It would be ironic, even tragic if you were to go on a hunting trip to escape from responsibility for a while and relax, and only ended up more stressed out and bothered because you failed to bring the right tools for the job. Please keep that in mind while planning any outings – not just hunting trips. You can avoid a lot of frustration in life by planning ahead and making sure you have the items you’ll need to complete a specific task without a hitch.

A Beginner’s Guide to Crossfit

A Beginner’s Guide to Crossfit

Jun 25

Have you noticed how crossfit is everywhere these days? I was delighted to see it popping up in magazines, on commercials, and everywhere online!

There are even crossfit gyms opening up. It’s like those LED light bars that no one heard of until suddenly everyone had them (I bought mine at LightBarReport). I’ve been claiming that crossfit is awesome for a while now, and now I can tell all my friends –“I told you so!”. No, no, but let’s get serious. I love the fact that more and more people have begun sharing my interest, and here I’m going to write a short beginners guide to crossfit at the request of my friend Stephanie (hi Steph!). So here you are – the essentials of crossfit in a short blurb!

What is crossfit?

Crossfit is often advertised as the sport of fitness. It’s a training philosophy that encourages all types of people to improve their health and fitness in a hardcore way. It’s used by a lot of police academies and military programs, and for a good reason. It’s definitely difficult, but definitely worth it!

Who is it for?

Since it’s extremely adaptable, the short answer is that crossfit is for everyone. The programs are the same for everyone, and the scale and intensity can vary greatly, so it can be done by both MMA fighters and elderly people. The only people who crossfit is not well suited for are people who compete in a specific sport, or specialize in a specific activity. Since these people need to focus on a certain part of their muscles or a certain skill, crossfit is just doubling the effort for no positive results.

Is it dangerous?

Not if you do it right. Since in crossfit, exercises are done quickly, it’s easy to give in and do them improperly. If you are not careful about your form or if you don’t have someone guiding you, you might hurt yourself. Crossfit can also be dangerous for people who just don’t know their own limits, or push them too hard. Just make sure you do exercises properly and stop when you feel you’ve had enough, and crossfit will be no more dangerous than a walk in the park.

Can I do it by myself?

If you know a good crossfit regime, it’s perfectly ok to do exercises by yourself. Many gyms post their workouts online for everyone to see, so finding one that suits you shouldn’t be difficult. But bear in mind that it’s always good to have good guidance. A good trainer is like a LED light bar in a night drive – you might not absolutely need one, but it’s good to have one anyway.

One of the points in crossfit is that it’s a team exercise, which means that if done alone, there is no one there to cheer you on. You lack the supportive community and are less likely to stick to the routine and do the amount of work you would have done in a group exercise.

Awesome Hobbies to Follow

Awesome Hobbies to Follow

Jun 17

Now I understand the title here might be a little misleading, since I’ll be compiling a list of some of my favorite hobbies and the fact I think they are awesome doesn’t necessarily mean you will think they are awesome. However, it’s more or less impossible to escape bias, as far as I know. People have their preferences. That said, even if you read through this list and find you dislike the majority of the hobbies I’ll mention, I can more or less guarantee you’ll find at least one which you would enjoy. So, without further ado, here are several awesome hobbies to follow and maybe even try.

As a man, I’m often looking for hobbies that will make me appear more masculine, manlier. While I do that well enough on my own, it helps to create a good first impression when meeting people, you know? I find a great way to do this while showing off how manly I am is to invite folks over for food which I grill myself. Grilling and cooking in general is something every guy should know how to do anyhow, kind of a basic survival skill that people need to understand, regardless of gender, age or other variables. It does help that I’m good at grilling, but like any other hobby on this list, you get better with more practice.

I’ve found one of the best complementary hobbies for grilling is hunting, and that’s something else I do now and then. While it’s true that it’s kind of limited since there are only certain seasons and stretches of time where hunting is even legal to do, that fact doesn’t stop me from getting out and bagging something to bring home, cook up and eat every year or so. It’s a great way to get active too, especially when you consider all the hiking through woods, marshes and other terrain necessary to track game. What could be better than a veal chop? Veal I’ve hunted and butchered myself, thank you very much.

Do you like thrift stores? I love them. Rooting through the junk of people who are probably deceased might seem a bit morbid to some folks, but it’s something I’ve always enjoyed. Being that I love the sound of vinyl and I know how superior it is to CD and DVD quality sound thanks to some studies about compression which I’ve read, I’m kind of a record buying fiend. 33s, 45s and 78s are all fine, though you might need some specialized machines to play the older records. These make great conversation starters and really, lots of people like older music compared to the stuff of today, don’t you agree?

Longboarding is another thing I’ve always enjoyed, as well as another hobby which I know isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have the legs or the balance for it, longboarding could be a huge mistake and a painful one at that. However, since I’m already used to skateboarding thanks to riding when I was younger (which wasn’t so long ago, mind), longboarding feels kind of natural to me, like it’s something I already know how to do. It is too, essentially – there is a board, four wheels and you propel yourself with your feet and so on. Free transportation with an attached workout never hurt anyone.

Sleight of hand is a skill which is useful for more than just entertaining if some of you readers take my meaning. Being good with your hands can be highly beneficial at times, which is why I extoll hobbies that keep the hands busy. I’m thinking of magic like card tricks and the like as I write this, but I know there are other ways to get more in touch with your fingers. Have you ever tried picking a lock? There’s nothing illegal about it if you’re working on a lock of your own. Developing those fine motor skills can be difficult, but these are a couple ways of doing it well while having a good time.

Hobbies which stimulate the mind also have their benefits. Did you really think you would get through a long, written list about hobbies like this without me advising you to read and write more often? People struggle to speak in public; just visit any town hall meeting or other gathering of amateur speakers and this will become quickly apparent if you don’t believe me. Reading and writing both get you working with words, which helps you to understand them better. Knowing the etymology is kind of secondary here to being able to read and speak the words well in my opinion. It’s all beneficial though.

Landscaping is just a glorified way to say gardening if you ask me, but there are differences between the two. I mean, do you think of planting trees when you hear someone say “gardening”? No, you don’t. Things like planting flowers come to mind, not digging two foot deep holes to drop a tree into. However, both of these are good hobbies to pick up. They teach you about the land, how to cultivate it and how to grow things in it. It might not be farming exactly, but developing the skills to create edible plants from soil and seed is right up there with cooking in terms of viability. Everyone should know how to do this.

Sailing is another one of those things people should just learn to do, but unlike cooking or landscaping, the necessity of it is kind of limited to people who regularly interact with the water, rather than people who eat food to live, which includes everyone. There are all kinds of watersports like waterskiing, parasailing, swimming, canoeing and more to enjoy, but at the end of the day knowing how to tie a dozen different knots and set a sail that won’t get ripped to shreds by a strong gust of wind is a useful talent that lends itself to an entertaining hobby – unless you’re the type to get seasick easily, of course.

Homemade Food

Homemade Food

Jun 09

I read a great article recently about the benefits of homemade food. It is healthier and cheaper (in some cases) than food you can buy in the stores. I experimented with different foods and recipes, and I found that some things are really better homemade in every possible way. So here are some of the healthy homemade foods I started to prepare for myself at home.

Breakfast Food

There are many breakfast foods that you can make yourself. The first thing I tried was making crunchy and delicious granola bars, because they can serve both as breakfast, and as a healthy snack for on-the-go meals. The recipe is simple – oat, nuts and honey (and berries, if you like them). Delicious and cheap. I also tried making my own oatmeal. It was good, but I’m not a big fan of oatmeal for breakfast, so I only made it once.


I also tried making some of those in-between-meals snacks. The first thing I made was hummus – I just love it. I have to say that my homemade hummus tasted even better than the one I usually buy. I is almost too simple to make – just add all the ingredients and blend. I also tried making guacamole, which is a bit more complicated, but still not bad at all. I made salsa to go with my tortilla chips, which I made from leftover tortillas I made the night before. As you can see, I was very busy!


I tried making my own bread for the first time, and I have to say it went splendidly. I often read about how its difficult to know which breads are good for you and which aren’t, especially when you think about how a lot of places just add die to white flour to make dark bread. Now I can be sure that I’m eating healthy.

I also made burger buns, and my own burgers, using my new MeatGrinderAdviser meat grinder.  I thought it would be more difficult, but it really wasn’t. I was starting to wonder why people didn’t make their own food more often.

I also used my microwave to make jam. Yes – jam in a microwave! Just put some frozen fruit, lemon, pectin and some sugar and fry it! Just remember not to make too much, because you can’t preserve it for too long.


As far as dinner dishes are concerned, I made pasta and pesto. The pesto was simple enough – fresh basil, cheese, olive oil and garlic. The pasta was a bit more complicated to master, although the ingredients are simple enough – flour, eggs, salt and oil. I also made my own mashed potatoes, and they tasted amazingly better than store-bought. Maybe it was because I added some cauliflower.


I don’t really take on dessert, but I did try making my own ice cream. I did it without an ice cream maker, but it was still yummy. I used bananas, and added some chocolate syrup in the end. Delicious!

My favorite water sports

My favorite water sports

May 12

Feeling the sun on your skin while gliding through crystal clear water – that’s one of the reasons I love water sports so much. During the past couple of years, I’ve tried more than a dozen, and quickly became an enthusiast. Although I’ve enjoyed all of them, there are some I plan to make a part of my yearly outdoor adventures. So without any further ado, here are my favorite water sports!


If you’ve never tried it, you should! For those of you who aren’t familiar with this particular sport, here’s a short introduction.

Parasailing is also called parascending and parakiting. It’s a recreational water sport that combines the fun of being on water and the thrill of flying at full speed. While parasailing, you are basically being towed behind a boat to get to that kind of speed. What they use to get you up in the air is called a parasail wing.

But don’t worry, there is a strong and secure harness that attaches you to the boat and keeps you from getting hurt. Some of the reasons why I love this so much are the beautiful views and the feeling of strong wind against your body.


Most people don’t see the reason for doing this, but those are the ones that haven’t tried it. I myself was one of those people, at least until I stumbled upon KayakOuch and started taking an interest in the sport. Although it seems like all you do is paddle, you simply can’t reduce it to that. Kayaking is a strenuous sport that requires a certain level of knowledge and experience, and this is what makes it so fun. Of course, besides allowing you to enjoy some of nature’s most beautiful sceneries.

Another cool thing about kayaking is the fact that you can combine it with fishing, if that’s what interests you. Since I love fishing and find the combination extra fun, I’ve started looking into the best kayaks for that specific purpose, and this is what I’ve found:


This is a classic water sport that will win over almost anybody. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a water sport enthusiast, or simply love being out in the open sea.

Although it might seem undemanding, sailing requires lots of practice. I actually think that one of the reasons why I love it so much is the fact that you have so much to learn before you’re able to do it right. It makes it challenging, if you know what I mean. And doing sports is, after all, about challenging yourself to things you think you won’t be able to do.

I hope you see why I’m so into water sports. It’s just such a rewarding experience, being on water, breathing in fresh air and all the while learning new things and pushing yourself to the edge. Even if you hadn’t thought yourself the type to do them, maybe I’ve made it interesting enough for you to change your mind. And if you’re already a water sport enthusiast, I’d like to hear about your experiences.

How to choose the right running shoes

How to choose the right running shoes

May 11

Running is a sport which gives you freedom, it is like flying without lifting off the ground and the best part is that everyone can do it. There are no barriers to enter and a pair of good running shoes is probably a single important piece of equipment you will ever need.

But as simple as it may seem, choosing the right running shoes will always pay dividends at the end of the day.  They are the most important piece of equipment for a reason. Not only that they improve athletic performance, but they also offer arch support, protect feet and ankles and help in the prevention of injuries.

Being passionate about active lifestyle and sports, I have spent a good deal of my life searching for the right ones. After making a proper effort in online researches, going from one shoe store to another and talking to knowledgeable staff, I have finally found the best shoes for myself (you can check them out here). I’ve also managed to learn things which may be of a great value to many trying to find good running shoes.

First of all, you need to keep in mind which type of terrain you will be running on. Running shoes for pavement are differently designed than those for trail or those for gym. I have always enjoyed running through forest roads covered with rocks and mud, which is why I chose running shoes with aggressive tread to offer foot stability and stiffer sole to protect feet from bruising.

The next thing you need to consider is your body frame. If you are taller and heavier you might consider running shoes with lots of cushioning, but if you are shorter and lighter you probably won’t need as much.

Motion mechanics is also very important while looking for the right running shoes. I tend to push off evenly from the front of the foot which is called pronation and it is a normal feature of neutral runners. But if you push off from the small toes on the outside of the foot (under-pronation) you will need flexible shoes with plenty cushioning. Also if you push off from the large toes on the inside of the foot (over-pronation) you will need motion control shoes.

Another important trait is the foot strike pattern. Depending whether you are forefoot, midfoot, heel or extreme heel striker, you should determine which part of your shoe requires extra cushioning. If you are a forefoot striker you will need shoes with plenty of forefoot cushioning. An extreme heel striker, like me, will require shoes with extra cushioning in the heel.

Considering all of the above, buying running shoes may not be as simple as many people assume after all, but if you don’t want to end up with great pain in your feet, it is an investment which really pays off.  Also you will still need to keep in mind that it will take you some time to break in a shoe. You will need to run a few miles before all shoe features will be felt.

Playing Music for Plants

Playing Music for Plants

May 01

I know, I know. I can already see the look on your face; a quizzical expression that asks if I’m really serious here. Well I can tell you I am. I’ve been playing music for the plants in my garden for some time now, and I can guarantee you it’s been good for me in the least if it hasn’t helped them heaps. I’m no scientist, but I can read their writing just fine, and I know there are some unique relationships between plants and sound energy. Unlike intense heat, wind or radiation, sound is one energy type which will rustle plants but never really do them any harm.

Okay, so if you were to put a massive amplifier right next to some plants and blast loud music through it, you could probably kill them. But you could probably make somebody go deaf doing that too. There are some things you just shouldn’t do, see? But playing music for your plants isn’t one of them. If you’re any good with an instrument, you could play the music yourself and get in some practice while giving your garden a little treat. It’s also possible to play recorded music using a device connected to some speakers, though this does come with the added cost of electricity.

Plants are like people in the sense that the things one plant likes may get a negative response from another plant or even kill a third kind. That said, it’s not really clear if there is any single, specific sound which is really the “best” for them, but then there’s also no sound which is always bad for them either. Making music with whatever you have handy will probably only help things, so if you have an instrument somewhere, use it. If you don’t, you might consider taking one up during your free time. Check out for the skinny on small horns that are portable and light.

That’s probably what you should be looking for if you do decide to start playing music for your plants. You’ll want an instrument which you can easily move around, which is also easy to play without exerting any great effort. Trumpets are good, as are digital pianos and other lightweight equipment. Whatever you end up using, make sure it’s not so loud as to disturb neighbors or other people nearby. Unlike plants, people are much more vocal about the things they don’t like, and you’re liable to get a complaint if you bother people with your music.

There is actually a lot of proof that playing music for plants is beneficial to them. A recent study by the National Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology in Suwon, South Korea evidences a link between increased growth rates in rice paddies and classical music. This is just one of many studies proving links between exposure to pleasant music and increased production in the plants which hear it. It’s really fascinating stuff if you haven’t read about it before, but if you’re already caring for a large garden, you may have read something about this in the past.

Practicing the Sliding Tackle

Practicing the Sliding Tackle

Apr 30

While the move is not in and of itself a foul play, you’ll find many players who execute a sliding tackle in football will end up getting their team hit with a penalty kick or free kick, or with a much more personal yellow card or straight up sending-off with a red card. If you ask me though, the major problem with the sliding tackle is the fact most people don’t train for it. It’s not a move that gets used as often as passes and kicks in football, and so naturally players don’t spend as much time learning to master it. But what if they did?

Well, you’d see a lot more people forcibly taking the ball from each other in professional and amateur games, I’d bet. You’d also see a lot more people wearing guards on their legs if more players were sliding and kicking. The problem with more people utilizing a move is essentially that they don’t necessarily all know how to perform the move. Unlike a bad pass or shot which could get turned over or give the other team a chance to score, a bad sliding tackle can seriously injure both the target as well as the tackling player, perhaps even enough to end a career, like if a leg or ankle is broken in the process.

Practicing the sliding tackle is crucial for learning how to execute it without hurting yourself or the people you target with it during gameplay. As tempting as it might be, you don’t want to catch even the smallest piece of their foot, shin, thigh or any other part of their body. You want to get in low and fast, send the ball away from their feet and give your teammates an opportunity to get back the ball. The only problem with practicing the tackle is that you’ll have a hard time finding other players who want to risk getting a high speed kick to some part of the lower body, just to help you learn a move.

Fortunately, there are items like these grappling dummies which were more or less designed to take abuse from people. While you aren’t practicing any martial arts moves, these dummies accurately emulate the size and shape of a person, so if you were to set a ball between the feet of one and try to slide tackle it away that would be very similar to practicing the move on another live person. While the dummy won’t run around or try to avoid you, you will know if you kick it during your tackle, which will tell you if you’re aiming correctly or using too much force relative to where you begin sliding.

This AMBER LEGGED DUMMY would be as good a choice as any other. You need something which is visible and easy to see, but also durable enough that it can stand up to getting kicked, and regularly. Because you probably won’t be using your above the leg level for too much, you might have a unique opportunity to resell your used dummy later and recoup some of the costs. Or you should just flip it over and use the arms as if they were legs once the actual legs are too worn and damaged from use.

Let’s Talk About Football Tactics

Let’s Talk About Football Tactics

Sep 16

Though Germany may have won the World Cup in 2014 and professional level Football may be over until the weather begins to warm up once more, people are still going to play Football in every corner of the world. It could just be the most popular sport on Earth, so there’s no surprise at all in that. Sadly, while many people love watching Football and playing it through various video game consoles and computers, it seems that just as many people have no idea how to even physically dribble a ball, let alone play the game on a competitive level. If you don’t mind, let’s talk about Football tactics for a bit.

Basic Attacking

To defend and stop opposing players from scoring goals is good, but the ultimate goal in Football is to outscore an opponent and walk away from a game with a win, rather than a draw or loss. There are factors outside of the players’ control, like the position of the scoreline, which have positive and negative effects on a team’s push to get a goal. There are a few commonly used team styles to consider.

Football Based on Possession

Passing the ball and keeping the team moving has always been a major element of professional Football. You can observe this practice even in minor leagues, as well as at schools and colleges with Football programs. If you or a teammate has the ball, then the opposing team does not – you are the aggressor and they, the defenders, exerting effort to stop you from scoring rather than to ruffle your net themselves.

For those who do not understand the game, this practice of constantly passing the ball can look downright boring. That’s a major complaint about Football in various corners of the world. However, those who groan the loudest about this are only demonstrating their ignorance as to the game of Football. Teamwork is essential in this, as well as other games, and a winning team must be able to play effectively. While you may kick the ball back and forth between teammates, your opponent must approach to steal, and keeping them moving more often than not will undoubtedly diminish their stamina over time.

Football Based on Defense

While the team controlling the ball is attacking, the opposite side is defending, and you cannot hope but to switch between these two sides several times during a game. Even on a good day, it can be difficult to clear 11 defenders and score a goal.

Keeping in your own half will make breaching and mounting an attack seem easier, but if you keep a couple men ahead in the pitch, you can snatch away the ball while the opposing team is committed to attacking. A successful steal while utilizing this pattern will allow you more through ball opportunities, and give your strikers fewer defenders to contend with on the opposite half if you are able to get the ball.

Making Plays

Offense and defense are fairly straightforward in Football. However, coming up with the right field setup and plays to make the most of the times you are attacking and defending is something that takes lots of experience, as well as research into tried-and-true, as well as upcoming methods which work well. I think it’s better to develop these skills in real sports, not in virtual games like you might play on some video game console or computer.

Winning a Football game is hard work, and that work starts long before a team of players takes to the field. You might want to celebrate winning by throwing out a party, in the event you’re able to overcome an opposing team. Losses are nothing to celebrate, but if you are recording the games in which you play, they will yield more information about what your team is doing wrong and where it can improve than a game won can ever show.

As for making the plays, I was recently in Brazil and I learned a few nice moves from veteran coaches there myself. Let me outline a couple here for you.

Man-to-Man Marking

This might be more readily apparent to those who have been playing the game longer, or those who watch lots of other sports. Assigning all 10 active players on your team to one each of the opposing 10 active players (Goalies can’t move, eh?) ensures that every man has someone guarding him. If you’re working with a knowledgeable coach who understands your team’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the opposing team’s, than this type of play can help you to regularly beat out your opponents and leave them struggling just to keep up.

However, there is a flip side to this one on one marking. For example, if you were to assign a slower man to a faster striker on the opposing team, he will run circles around your defender, suddenly making your game more like 10 vs. 11 rather than 11 vs. 11. This is not a play style for amateurs, and some studying should be done before a game to make accurate marks and matches.

Utilizing Set-Plays

To take what I’ve just said further, sometimes the team you’re playing against will have a clear cut advantage over your own. If you cannot hope to beat your opponents with skill and finesse, you may be able to take advantage of set-plays to get good kicking opportunities and score on a team, against which you otherwise could not.

This is a relatively common method for sides which are obviously deficient. Exploiting all the free kicks penalty shots, throw-ins and corner kicks you can might just be enough for your team to come out on top, or at least prevent you from losing and allow you to declare a draw, rather than a loss. Haughty players and coaches might call this bending the rules, or regard it as being a poor sport, but like anything else, you must do whatever is in your power to help you and your team win.

Golfing with My Uncle Mike

Golfing with My Uncle Mike

Sep 15

Uncle Mike and I are close. He is only five years older than me, and it’s like he’s an amalgam of a fun uncle and a cool big brother. I always admired the things he taught me. Fishing, hunting, and golfing. A couple of weeks ago, Uncle Mike paid a visit to my town. He likes to travel and since it’s been a year since he has last seen me, I told him that he could stay in the spare room. We planned beforehand to go head to the green and make some hole-in-ones. A good game of golf and intellectual talks were great memories I have gained from him.

Before he showed up I looked at my brand new tool I purchased at where it hosts a wide variety of range finders and how to choose which one is right for you. Before I get into the website, let’s talk about what a rangefinder is and how it functions. A rangefinder is a device that calculates the distance between the device itself to another point the person wants to measure. Horizontal distance (or range) is calculated to measure distances between itself and the intended target. They are helpful when a GPS signal is unavailable and for activities such as hunting, photography, and of course, golfing. There are specific types of rangefinders that caters to one’s needs. I will talk about what a golf rangefinder does.

Okay, so a golf rangefinder measures the exact distance from where the golfer is standing to the flagstick. I explained this to Uncle Mike, but he told me he has used them before and brought his own after looking at the neat golf rangefinder reviews. He told me of a website that was recommended by his boss, who is an avid golfer. The boss knew Mike was a golf enthusiast (might have been the golf clubs in his office…big giveaway), so he sent him an e-mail with the site I mentioned to you readers earlier.

I have been using this nifty laser golf rangefinder at the golf course with Uncle Mike and it worked like a dream. I have been getting the exact measurements and perfected my accuracy. Better than the old one I used to own. Uncle Mike and I had fun discussing the reviews we read about our devices and even talked about going to a shop to look at other golfing accessories. I learned about what is allowed by the professional golfing associations since it is not allowed to have rangefinders that calculate the slope. Lucky for us we aren’t professionals,  and we were simply trying to have some fun. I showed him the capabilities of mine and vice versa.

Today, I have gotten three hole-in-ones, and Uncle Mike earned two. We had so much fun on the green. So much fun that memories started to flood our minds back in the old town we used to play at. I hope to golf with Uncle Mike again real soon.

A Perfect Season to Go Hunting

A Perfect Season to Go Hunting

Sep 16

Hunting, what a wonderful sport. Man and nature intertwined from inside and out, we walk, fish, run, and hunt to gather meat for ourselves and our families. A perfect sport and art of survival into one–who wouldn’t love it? Autumn is the perfect season to go hunting whether you are solo or with a group of survivalists. Usually I would take one of my firearms and take out a rabbit or two, but this time, my friends and I went for a hunt that I will never forget.

I learned how to hunt with a heavy duty recurve bow I found, after reading some reviews at over the Internet. Another thing I learned? Purchasing a nice bow does not have to break my bank account or pockets. My friends Troy, Darryl, Mikey, Kyle, and I looked at the beauties displayed on the site with such structure and elegance. It was decided that I needed one of this year’s models. My decision was made by looking at the style, price, body weight, brand, and skill level. My skill level is novice.

I saw this novice bow that had little vibration and that tuning it was pretty easy. It is considered something that a hobbyist would enjoy using and someone new to the sport would like to have. A little over 5 feet in length and less than 4 pounds, the draw weight can go up to 55 pounds and is cost efficient. I put that in the “maybe list” and started to search through some other options. Another bow that truly caught my eye was exactly 5 feet in length and had similar draw weight, but was extremely expensive and the site said it was not ideal for a beginner to use. I never knew recurve bow hunting (pun intended) was this difficult.

That was when I found something that made me say to myself, “That is what I want. That is the bow I need!” So, a little description of this beautiful bow that I could not wait to use. Now, this bow was recommended for beginner bow users, and it is good enough to last you through the intermediate levels as you get closer to that dexterity. I admit, I was nervous because I wanted to make sure I was making the right choice. Mikey and Troy assured me that this was what I needed to spend my money on. It is 64 inches, 3.4 pounds, and has a range of 30 to 55 pounds of draw weight included. The recurve bow reviews gave it high ratings.

So, when Troy, Darryl, Mikey, and Kyle went hunting in the woods about 40 minutes away from Darryl’s home, I was prepared. Of course, I did practice with the guys several times before the big hunt. I was able to get a couple of squirrels and one rabbit. We took what we killed and cleaned them. I had the chance of trying out roasted rabbit and squirrel meat. I decided to use the rest for a stew the next day.

Getting My Partner a New Sewing Machine

Getting My Partner a New Sewing Machine

Sep 14

My girlfriend Rae has a hobby for making clothes. T-shirts, skirts, and short are usually what can be found in her storage containers. Her birthday was coming up this past Monday, and I knew I had to get her something. She has done amazing things for me for my birthday and Christmas, so I wanted to do something special. I knew sewing was what she loved doing ever since she was a little girl. She would tell me stories of when she would visit her Grandmother on the weekends. Together, her and her grandmother would talk about threads and yarn and how to make beautiful masterpieces. The smile Rae gets when she reminisces those times make me smile, so I was able to figure out what to get her.

I saw these nice advanced sewing machines that I knew Rae would love. She told me how her old sewing machine wasn’t doing the trick anymore, and besides, she wanted to look at recent models. I agreed with her since I have seen her look at some online. Anyway, I saved up enough money to get her what she needed. Sewing machines can take up space, so I knew I had to have it well-hidden before her birthday party.

This website – – is a godsend for anyone interested in purchasing a serger. For those who do not know what that is, it is a machine that stitches items together efficiently. You have to make sure that you or the person you are buying this device for knows what their specific needs are and the serger is in the right budget range. I was kind of uncertain as to which model, color, and brand I should look into in-depth. That is why I had to narrow it down.

I knew Rae’s favorite colors were pink, black, and red, so I narrowed those options. I had saved so much money from my coaching for the local high school football team, so price was not an issue really. Brother and Singer were the best brands I knew of, so I looked into that and saw a white Singer with red trim. I read the serger reviews and decided that this was the one. I cannot tell you how excited I was to get it for her! I knew she was going to love it.

I wrapped the box with pink and purple wrapping paper with a bow. Well, okay, I asked a friend to help me wrap it. The point is, I chose and bought the wrapping supplies and I hid it in our garage so she wouldn’t find out. The night of Rae’s birthday party, our friends and I started to hand out gifts. She received a sweater, some movies, two gift cards, and lovely makeup to add to her already overflowing makeup bag, and tickets to a festival she has been dying to check out. When Rae finally opened my gift, let me tell you, she was grinning from ear-to-ear. She said to me, “This is a wonderful gift, I am lucky to be your girlfriend.”

A Saturday Afternoon with Longboards

A Saturday Afternoon with Longboards

Sep 13

So, I was researching online for a topic I wanted to write about. I realized that I could talk to you, the reader, about what I did this past weekend. It was a Saturday afternoon and the weather was pretty warm. The sun was shining, kids were playing, and I was at the skate park with my brother, Jim. Jim and I wanted to do something pretty exciting, and I remembered he brought up a fun activity he used to participate in with his college buddies. Jim and I headed to this site called where a wide variety of longboards can be purchased with reviews alongside the photos given.

Longboards are like the big brothers of skateboards. The site describe it as a place to learned about the exhilarating experiences and adventures partaken by rookie and veteran longboarders. If you are looking for pure and unadulterated freedom on the pavement, this is the activity you should look into.

A wide variety to choose from in terms of brand, color, accessories, lengths, and more. After reading the reviews of the particular brand I wanted, Jim and I ordered our very own longboards with strong bearings, light weight, and good dimensions considering I was and still am a novice.

Let’s talk about some of the different parts of the long board. Why is it important you ask? Well, let’s say you wanted to buy a television, but you didn’t know of some of its capabilities. Or, say you wanted a smartphone that can get certain apps, but the one you bought doesn’t allow those apps to get downloaded. That is why it is vital to know what a longboard consists and if it is right for you as a newcomer or an experienced rider. You have to look at the most awesome longboard brands for you. Now, let’s look at the parts. Bearings are used for stability. You want strong bearings, especially if you are new to longboards. Trucks are those “T-shaped” pieces helping to hold the wheels together and can feel different based on the type and size of them. Examine the different types of wheels to use to benefit you during different speeds.

Again, if you are new to this, its best to purchase a protective helmet as well as a pair of slide gloves. I became one of thousands of longboarders in the world when Jim and his friend Kyle showed me some cool tricks. I was nervous at first, but it wasn’t so bad when you start ignoring the laughs from your own brother and his friend. Seriously though, it was awesome!

The only advice I can give you is to look online for reviews, videos, and much more. Practice as much as you can each week and if you want, record yourself doing tricks. If you need to, ask for someone experienced in longboards to “tutor” you. Most importantly, have fun! Don’t stress yourself if you mess up once of twice. I know I did plenty of times Saturday. And I am definitely trying again this upcoming weekend.

Helping My Best Friend Set Up a Home Gym

Helping My Best Friend Set Up a Home Gym

Sep 12

My best friend, also someone who I consider my “bro,” needed some help at his new place. He has helped me dozens of times, so of course, I couldn’t say no. Mikey asked me to help set up a home gym in his basement. Admittedly, I was amazed at how much space Mikey had downstairs. He has this vision of making a great place of him and a couple of friends to train each other before their next baseball game. Knowing that I am a part-time Crossfit trainer and knowing that I owed him big, I obliged. We were going to set up the home gym!

I told Mikey straight up that what he needs is a brand new power rack. I consider them one of the mandatory pieces of gym equipment to own for any gym, especially for home training. You can do a number of exercises all thanks to the power rack. They can range from squats, to bench pressing, and shoulder presses. Before making such as large purchase, be sure to know how to pick the right equipment.

Sadly, many gyms do not have a power rack, which is why homeowners construct their own gyms at the convenience of their own place. Some racks will only way less than sixty pounds, while others stand weighing over 100 pounds. They are constructed to withstand heavy free weights, which is good because you can gain way more muscle mass than using machines. These racks are simply easy to use, especially when needing to put down heavy weight. With the power rack, it makes exercises such as box squats better to do with decreasing the risk of injury. This leads to the safety issue. Without a power rack, you can strain your muscles or cause worse injuries such as broken bones. Safety pins are designed with the power rack to catch the barbell if something doesn’t go correctly. The third reason why I love this tool? The variety of exercises you can do with them. Like I mentioned, bench pressing and squats are great exercises to do with power racks.

We went to the site and I showed him how to pick and choose. First off, a person must know how much room they have for the piece of equipment. Nothing too big should be bought. Also, make sure there is enough space for the other tools such as weights. The power rack should have the accessories you want as well as making sure that the rack itself is big or small enough for the body frame. A tall guy may need a different rack than a shorter fella.

Mikey and I were able to put the power rack together very easily after reading the instructions carefully. The next day, him and I worked on our chest and triceps, isolating the muscles with exercises such as close-grip bench presses and skull crushers. We still spot each other since we like to go heavy. It was worth discussing the benefits of buying a power rack and using it to our full advantage.

The Many Benefits of Boxing

The Many Benefits of Boxing

Sep 11

I consider myself to be an active individual. Football coach, part-time Crossfit trainer, and a writer all wrapped up in one man. Another activity I love getting involved in is boxing. For a few years, I have been going to a boxing coach and practicing what he has taught me. When I am not inside the gym, I am practicing at home. I have my own home gym where I would train myself with the tools and gear necessary for improving my technique. I noticed that the used boxing equipment that I had wasn’t cutting it for me. That was when the decision of purchasing new equipment popped inside my head.

Now, before I get into this decision, I want to say there have been benefits that I have gained during my several year-long journey in the sport. It has helped me bring my mind, body, and soul into one when I train or fight against a competitor. Boxers are well-known for their punching dexterity, I mean, look at Mike! You must have the combination of power and speed to land a perfect hit. Boxing isn’t simply a sport; it is an art.

Since when two boxers are fighting, they are in close range. A fighter must have superb reflexes because there is not enough time to contemplate when or how to punch. Other sports such as basketball or football have the luxury and the advantage of having more time to think and plan cautiously. Over time, I built my reflexes while knowing when to defend or offend when necessary through training. When I train, I use the finest boxing gloves I can afford. I break them in before I really go off on my competition.

Now, when I talked about my training previously, I was talking more about the physical action. Training is so much more than that. In boxing, you have to have the ability to train yourself emotionally and psychologically. Sparing and competing among one another is an expectation that must be followed in order to meet perfection. I learned in the past year how well boxing has sharpened my mental acuity.

Onto the new equipment I hunted for. Appropriate gear is necessary to take part in the sport. Beginners may not need these right now, but as time goes on, it is smart to go and pay for some quality tools. For example, I found something really sweet on sale when I started shopping online at this website. There was some of the best heavy bags and I was able to look over the reviews. That was how I made the decision to get a brand name heavy bag that will keep me wanting to practice even when its wet or dry outside.

Words cannot describe how I feel in my home gym or in the ring. My coach is very encouraging, making sure that I watch other boxers and view some tapes that he allowed me to take home for review. Don’t hesitate to gain some of the benefits I received out of the sport–it can make a changing effect to your overall health.