Today’s modern footballers are a healthy bunch

Today’s modern footballers are a healthy bunch

Dec 20

Just recently, the death of one of Manchester United’s favorite and greatest sons was commemorated. As a professional football player, he managed to extend his career to well into his thirties and like most pre-retirement soccer players today, spent some time plying his trade in the then North American equivalent of today’s Major League Soccer.

Where longevity is concerned, perhaps only the great Sir Bobby Charlton and the Welsh winger, Ryan Giggs, have outpaced and outfoxed the first global soccer superstar from the halcyon years of the sixties. Speaking of foxes, have you noticed that Leicester City is surprisingly leading the English Premier League by two points (at the time of writing this post)?

The Foxes might win this season’s championship

According to former Manchester United boss, the great Sir Alex Ferguson, these Foxes stand a chance to win the championship this season. But, this is provided they are able to stock up on new players during the mid-season transfer window. Their run of games over this period, Ferguson says, is rather tough for a limited squad.

As a cross-fit trainer myself, I’d like to put my mouth where my weights are by suggesting that one of the reasons why Leicester City have done so well so far is because the squad they have at the moment is rather healthy and fit. This is in great contrast to faltering champions, Chelsea, and the two Manchester teams, City and United.

As a football legend, George Best’s lifestyle off the pitch contributed heavily to his premature death, mainly due to a long battle with alcoholism. Off the pitch, he didn’t have any interest in constructive hobbies such as the one’s suggested by Wood Lathe Report.

These giants did the number seven justice

Rather than apply his mind to healthy activities such as vegetable gardening, wood working and even caring for animals, George Best partied and drank his way through life. Like most other players during Best’s era, George (who made many girls cry) was a heavy smoker. Not today’s professional players; because of the high tempo of the modern game, they have to take extremely good care of themselves. Even while doing so, they still get injured a lot too these days, don’t they?

Now, like Best, this young man is a foot-balling genius. Because of his obvious gifts and potential to become one of the all-time great Manchester United players, Sir Alex Ferguson presented Cristiano Ronaldo with the hallowed number seven jersey that Best once wore. Of course, Ronaldo, now playing for Real Madrid, did the jersey justice.

Ronaldo leads the way

These days, when you look at Ronaldo’s pop image off the pitch, you’d be forgiven for thinking that he was an off-field player like Best was. But he’s not.

As someone who truly looks after himself both on and off the pitch, Cristiano Ronaldo leads the way where today’s modern footballers are concerned. Is it any wonder then, that he is the current FIFA World Player of the Year?

Will he be sacked in the morning?

Will he be sacked in the morning?

Jan 08

Especially at this time of the year, I hardly get time to go and watch one of the big English Premier League teams in Manchester. Well, there’s only two teams really, Manchester City and Manchester United. As I write this post, City are taking on surprise EPL leaders, Leicester City. I won’t be able to update you on that match because I’m working as we speak. Christmas came and went in a flash. Now we’re busy getting ready for New Year’s Eve and the first day of 2016. I did get to go and watch Manchester United at Old Trafford last night and even though the match ended in a stalemate, I enjoyed every minute of it and lapped up the atmosphere within the walls of one of the world’s most famous stadiums.

Tools to help with their development

In spite of my passion for the game, I rarely go to watch live games. This is because I’m more preoccupied with work which has seen me divide my time equally among coaching young lads and taking care of underprivileged kids over Christmas (and now New Year). We were able to collect more than enough donations to see to these poor children’s needs. They all got new clothes and kit. They were also given essentials for when school starts in a week or so.

Apart from giving generously, we believe in providing underprivileged children, particularly the older ones, tools to help with their development and preparation for working life when they are older. Have a look at and see what we got the lads this Christmas. Even though I was supposed to be relaxing during the game, I couldn’t help thinking of my work ahead.

The responsibilities of leadership

Whether it’s an occupational hazard or down to my passions, watching Manchester United’s beleaguered manager, Louis van Gaal, hard at work on his notepad, got me thinking about the responsibilities and pressures of leadership. My load is nowhere close to the one that Mr. van Gaal is carrying on his shoulders right now, but I can relate. As it turns out, I could take a leaf out of the United boss’s notebook. In spite of several chances to score, the Red Devils gave a good account of themselves for a change after being on an unusually long losing streak, lasting no less than four matches.

Nevertheless, the way that they played seemed to please the coach and alleviate some of the pressure he must be feeling right now. It may not be as tidy and glamorous as the passing game that has made Barcelona the great team they are today, but I particularly enjoy watching the Red Devils dominate all corners of the pitch with possession and percentage football. If only they could just score some goals already.

Because the boys and girls are a lot younger than the men I saw last night, the emphasis is always on enjoyment, but like the Devils were doing to their utmost, playing as a team is also important.