Storing Your Sports Equipment: A Quick Guide

Storing Your Sports Equipment: A Quick Guide

Oct 19

Care for property, especially their own sports equipment and apparel, is one thing that I always remind my players. Aside from practical reasons, it should also teach them the value of discipline which is essential to all athletes.

Sports gears and equipment, whether for basketball, soccer or volleyball, can live longer (more than just one season) if they are properly maintained, cleaned and stored. If you just toss it to the corner of your room, don’t get surprised if you find it in an unusable state when the playing season begins. For sure, you don’t want to spend unnecessarily with new stuff for the next season. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your sports equipment.

  • Get it ready

Before you even think of storing your equipment, make sure that is cleaned up. If you are storing sports apparels, jerseys or other clothing, wash it to remove any dirt, oils and grass. Dirty, moist clothing in storage is a yummy target for bugs, termites and mice.

Place them in a concealed, plastic box or bag. If your place is infested with pests or mice, then you might need to use pesticides or mouse baits like this to finally get rid of them. Place bulky stuff that are difficult to clean, such as shoulder pads, knee pads or helmets, in a separate bag or box.

  • Remove smell

It’s not uncommon for sports equipment to get stinky. Before you store them, be sure to de-stink them. Baking soda is a great de-stinkifier! To do this, place all the equipment in one box and store them in an area where they won’t be disturbed. Inside the box, place a large bowl filled with baking soda. The baking soda acts as an absorbent, ridding your stuff from all the unwanted smells. It just takes a week for the baking soda to do magic!

  • Keep it stink free

After de-stinking your sports equipment, you can now store it. To keep it stink-free during storage, make sure to wrap each item individually in a bag with a commercial odor absorber, a charcoal briquette, or a small box of baking soda inside. Mice and rodents are very keen with these nasty smells so you want to keep your stuff smelling fresh. They love to feed on stinky, unclean sports stuff. If you want added protection from these pests, you check out some nice mouse traps at

  • Storage

Storing Your Sports Equipment A Quick Guide

Once everything is clean and stink-free, you can begin boxing your stuff. For a more organized storage, you should label the boxes or storage containers. You can choose to re-purpose old boxes, buy cardboard boxes or stackable storage bins. Organize the contents of each box so that it is easier for you to look for them in case you need to in the future.

Lastly, make sure that the place where you store your stuff is clean and free from pests. Choose a space in your room or garage that is not very hot at same time not prone to flooding. This should keep your sports equipment in a good shape and ready for the next playing season!

Did you find my tips helpful? Do you have any other tips to add?

Managing Distractions for a Successful Workout

Managing Distractions for a Successful Workout

Jul 05

For your workout to be a success, you have to develop not just physical but also mental strength.  Whether you are working out at home or at the gym, distractions are aplenty. Often, these distractions result in unsatisfactory workout results. As such, you have to develop a strong will and determination to be able to zone out these distractions and get focused to building your body.

So, how do you manage these distractions? Here are some tips we’ve used in our soccer training camps to avoid disturbances during the boot camps.

  1. Set a clear goal

Once you’ve finally decided to work out, you need to have a clear picture your goal. At our boot camps, we set short-term and long-term goals. While players are focused to achieving the end-result (the championship), they get to celebrate milestones. These are regular successes provide reinforcements.

  1. Choose the best workout time

As with soccer training, you have to schedule your workout when you are already free from all worries. Some choose to do early morning workouts. It’s always a rule that soccer players should never bring their problems to training camp – same as when you’re working out. You should free your mind and just think of the training routines during this time. If you are working out at a home gym, installing a nice wireless doorbell at the gym door would help you reduce unwanted walk-ins which are truly distracting. If you are keen at installing one, I’ve found nice reviews on different wireless doorbells at Doorbell Base. Discover what time of the day you are most enthusiastic and energetic so that you can have an optimal training.

  1. Background music

If you are still reading this, I am pretty sure that you are determined to achieve your fitness goals. Match this determination and focus with a good playlist. It sets the tone of your training and pushes you to do more. There are a lot of other auditory distractions that can keep you out of focus. By having a playlist dedicated for training, you’re conditioning your mind and body to concentrate on the physical workout.

  1. Perfect the routines

Focusing on achieving the best results requires perfect execution of the routines. This is why we spend hours practicing different soccer plays. In workout, you have to be aware of your body movement and your form. This is the reason why gyms are surrounded with mirrors. Aside from getting the best result, you also avoid the risk of injury. By concentrating on the perfect technique and form, you eliminate the distractions and turn your focus back to your training goals.

  1. Plan the workout routine

It is best to have a fitness trainer (much like a coach in a soccer team) who will guide you through the routines. However, if you don’t have one, you can still create your personal workout plan so that you don’t waste your time at the gym. There are a lot of workout schedules available in the internet that you can tweak to suit your fitness needs. A workout plan also helps you track your progress, what machines you’re using, rest periods, weight, tempo, etc. On the other hand, by not having a plan, you are leaving the door wide open for distractions and ultimately a failed workout.

Remember that workouts, whether Crossfit, Zumba, weightlifting, and others, requires progressive overload. You have to know where you’re going for it to be successful. All of these concepts are just the same as in our soccer training camps.

Get rid of holiday flab with CrossFit

Get rid of holiday flab with CrossFit

Jan 09

With the holidays coming to an end, people start feeling guilty about the rich meals, overflowing booze and lazing around with friends and relatives all of which have added on quite a good deal of pounds. I have the right solution for taking away the holiday flab. CrossFit workouts are just what you need, if you are looking to lose the excess weight gained. The best thing about CrossFit equipment is it does not need as many equipment as you see in a conventional gym. Here are some tips to help you set up a CrossFit gym in your garage or basement.


Proper matting and most importantly sufficient floor space should be present before you think of choosing the CrossFit equipment. Since extensive floor work or explosive movements are used in CrossFit, you would need proper shock absorption to safeguard your joints and bones. Rubber mats helps in cushioning your body against impact. If you are considering a basement gym, make sure you have a quality sump pump such as those at SUMPPUMPJUDGE.COM.


Kipping pullups form a regular part of the workout of the day in CrossFit, so having a pull up bar is essential. The bars are used to test the extent of progress you have made. Since most CrossFit workouts involve the pullup bar, having a sturdy one is necessary. The bar can be found in simple models easily installed over your door and removed too. And there are standalone versions too.


Dumbbells, sand bags, and kettle bells are among some of the important weights used for resistance training. The most significant weight used is however the Olympic weights with bar. This is used for over 17 percent of all exercises in CrossFit. Although this is a bit expensive, you can do several exercises ranging from squats to overhead press and the weights are easy to decrease or increase.


This is an absolute must for your home CrossFit gym. It has dual purpose of helping in strength training and cardio workout. Since there are no separate exercises in CrossFit that target cardio exercises, a rower helps to give you both the strength training and cardio benefits.

Gym environment

gym-595597_960_720While the basic equipment needed are not much, you should ensure that the atmosphere is comfortable and enjoyable. If you like music while you exercise, make sure the noise levels do not disturb others nearby or use headphones. The floor should be stable for withstanding the vigorous exercises you do. Make sure the place is safe from termites and moisture from snow or flooding. Having a good battery backup sump pump will prevent undue damage to the equipment and the basement, if you reside in a flood prone region.

And some of the CrossFit equipment can be made at home from items, which you use every day or which can be bought easily from general household stores. Sand bags, for instance, can be made at home with canvas sheets or heavy-duty cloth. You can make a sack out of the cloth and fill it up with gravel. For a kettlebell weight, you can use PVC pipes and basketball. Even the pull up bars can be made easily, if you have a bit of technical knowledge.

3 Easy DIY Garden Watering Systems You Can Do Right Now

3 Easy DIY Garden Watering Systems You Can Do Right Now

Nov 23

Many of you probably don’t know: I’m also into gardening. Yes, you read it right! This soccer fan actually tends to a small home garden. I find it beneficial growing organic vegetables and herbs which is good for one’s health.

3 Easy DIY Garden Watering Systems You Can Do Right NowI was actually planning install an air compressor into my garden’s watering system to increase the water pressure. While looking for an air compressor, I found this site, Air Compressor Judge, helpful as it offers reviews on different models and brands of air compressors. Sadly, I couldn’t seem to find a model that fits my budget, so I decided to go on DIY water systems.

For this post, allow me to share with you some nifty DIY watering systems that won’t hurt your pocket.

Drip Hoses

This is a simple DIY water system that requires cheap materials and can also help you save on your water bills. A drip hose directly brings water to the soil, drop by drop. You can either buy a roll of drip hose or you can also use an old hose. Clean the hose and punch tiny holes at least 2 inches apart. On both ends of the hose, leave 6 inches un-punctured.

Once the hose have tiny holes, attach a hose cap on one end and then the other end towards a supply to the faucet. Turn the water on keeping the pressure low, or else it will spray. Run the hose beneath the plants and then cover with 2 inches of soil. Since it is directly under the foliage, it is protected against evaporation.


Ever heard of ollas? These are earthen jars come with wide bellies and thin necks are buried in your garden. It allows you to store water to it. Water slowly seeps through the tiny holes in the ollas’ unglazed walls keeping the soil moistened. At the same time, it also prevents water evaporation or runoff. Over time, the ollas draws water to it, creating an efficient self-watering system. Ollas can capture water from rain or daily precipitate so you don’t need to worry about water run-out.

Self-watering Earth Box Planter

If you have no time to water your garden, you might find this clever project very helpful. The idea is simple: let the soil absorb water slowly from a built-in well. You just have to fill the built-in well but less frequent than what you normally do.

An earth box can be made of any material or size. It just needs to have two basic components the mulch/soil and a water reservoir. Making a DIY self-watering planter may seem complicated but it’s actually simple. You can check some instructional videos on how to make your own earth box with materials that are readily available to you.

These simple DIY projects can unburden you from the task of watering your garden daily. I find it especially helpful for busy urban dwellers.

Tips For A Healthier Diet in 2016

Tips For A Healthier Diet in 2016

Nov 01

Tips For A Healthier Diet in 2016There are a lot of people who just aren’t happy with their weight. They don’t know what to do and most of them are putting some bad supplements and pills into themselves just so they could maybe loose a pound or two. The diet industry is huge and it’s making tons of money because of people and their issues. But slowly people are changing when it comes to fitness and weight loss.

When it comes to those who really want to lose weight and become healthier they sometimes don’t know what to do and what to eat! A healthy diet is something which should be practiced by everyone, no matter their weight. Today people eat every single possible trash they can find. That’s also changing slowly. But there are tons of fast food restaurants, frozen food and sugar in every possible grocery. So how to stay healthy today and what are predictions for healthy diet in 2016?

For starters, try to avoid eating processed food at all. At least eat as little of it as possible. It is dangerous for you not just because of the fact that is unhealthy for your body, but it is proven that it does have a negative effect on your mood and mental health. In 2016, try to cook more at home, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat less of sugar and carbohydrates.

You will be surprised after few weeks how your mood changes for the better. Diet really isn’t about not eating anything. There is research done on how to incorporate healthy and fresh food into your diet so that the input of the food you take daily doesn’t change drastically. What I do is make healthy meals and use my trusty vacuum sealer which I got from and sometimes I make food for the whole week – healthy and fast!

So there are bad and good fats right? Try to eat more of the good ones. FTips For A Healthier Diet in 2016or example, eat less grilled red meat and try to eat more fish. Fish has some amazing Omega3 fats which are much better for your body than typical animal fat.

By law, every food product is required to have a label on it so the consumer could know what’s in it. Read it carefully so you can be aware what you eat. Also, focus on the taste of the food after the consumption. Habits show up when you directly focus on them. That way you will know what you like and what is good for you.

Now there is one more thing which you should consider. Eat so much food as your body needs. Eat smaller portions but with different types of food. Mixing some food will get you what you need and you will have a better understanding of the food you eat. The problem is when people start limiting themselves to what food they can eat. Don’t do that. It is important to eat everything so you don’t feel like a failure while on a diet.

Why should you strengthen your muscles

Why should you strengthen your muscles

Oct 25

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to have strong muscles. That’s always meant a great strength and invincibility. Today I know that strong muscles are not only useful if you want to be a superhero. They can make your life easier, more interesting and allow you to grow old with a dignity. To this day, it is the reason why I stand for the promotion of active living. Better quality of life is one big reason. But if I have to explain it in more detail, then I will single out the following reasons.

  1. Strong muscles affect the posture and reduce the chance of injury. They give good support to your spine. This will reduce bad posture and back pain. Stronger muscles are some kind prevention of injuries that can occur due to sudden movements. Such injuries rarely bring only the pain in the back. Depending on the part of the spine you have injured, can you feel the pain in the neck and pain in the hands or legs. This will affect your movement and your quality of life.
  2. They prevent diseases. Strengthening the muscles implies their daily active use, and you can only have them if you lead an active life. I have many times pointed out the importance of leading an active life. Here, I will mention only some of the chronic diseases that activity and strong muscles can prevent. These are, for example, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Active life involves a certain amount of sweating, which is the way of body detoxification. Toxins are the cause of many chronic and autoimmune diseases. The body free of toxins fights against the viruses and bacteria better, and has a stronger immunity.
  3. Activity allows the regulation of body weight. Let’s admit it – the excess of body fat does not look nice as strong and sculpted muscles. It is not hard to strengthen the muscles and to burn fat. You just have to choose an activity that you love. This may be going to the gym and exercise on various devices. But it is also enough that you only have a punching bag like those offered by Punching bag pro, to strengthen all the muscles. Although at first glance it seems completely inefficient, hitting the bag requires the involvement of all muscles. No, it is not easy, but trust me – it’s very, very effective!
  4. Performance of everyday tasks is easier. No matter whether you are a stay at home mom, a farmer or construction worker, strong muscles will facilitate every job – from raising a child, to land cultivation. When you have poor and weak muscles and when they are not active, even sitting and standing up can be a big effort.
  5. Better self-esteem. When I gather all of this, it is logical to conclude – strong muscles build your self-esteem. When you look lovely, when you are healthy, then your mood is better and your energy level is higher. These are the cornerstones needed to build a great picture about yourself.

When you live this kind of life, then you have the will to try new things. An active life is not boring. Sitting will not give you an unforgettable experience and memories. When the activity becomes a habit, it will allow you to grow old with dignity – healthy, strong and with a lot of valuable memories.