Get rid of holiday flab with CrossFit

Get rid of holiday flab with CrossFit

Jan 09
Get rid of holiday flab with CrossFit

With the holidays coming to an end, people start feeling guilty about the rich meals, overflowing booze and lazing around with friends and relatives all of which have added on quite a good deal of pounds. I have the right solution for taking away the holiday flab. CrossFit workouts are just what you need, if you are looking to lose the excess weight gained. The best thing about CrossFit equipment is it does not need as many equipment as you see in a conventional gym. Here are some tips to help you set up a CrossFit gym in your garage or basement.


Proper matting and most importantly sufficient floor space should be present before you think of choosing the CrossFit equipment. Since extensive floor work or explosive movements are used in CrossFit, you would need proper shock absorption to safeguard your joints and bones. Rubber mats helps in cushioning your body against impact. If you are considering a basement gym, make sure you have a quality sump pump such as those at SUMPPUMPJUDGE.COM.


Kipping pullups form a regular part of the workout of the day in CrossFit, so having a pull up bar is essential. The bars are used to test the extent of progress you have made. Since most CrossFit workouts involve the pullup bar, having a sturdy one is necessary. The bar can be found in simple models easily installed over your door and removed too. And there are standalone versions too.


Dumbbells, sand bags, and kettle bells are among some of the important weights used for resistance training. The most significant weight used is however the Olympic weights with bar. This is used for over 17 percent of all exercises in CrossFit. Although this is a bit expensive, you can do several exercises ranging from squats to overhead press and the weights are easy to decrease or increase.


This is an absolute must for your home CrossFit gym. It has dual purpose of helping in strength training and cardio workout. Since there are no separate exercises in CrossFit that target cardio exercises, a rower helps to give you both the strength training and cardio benefits.

Gym environment

gym-595597_960_720While the basic equipment needed are not much, you should ensure that the atmosphere is comfortable and enjoyable. If you like music while you exercise, make sure the noise levels do not disturb others nearby or use headphones. The floor should be stable for withstanding the vigorous exercises you do. Make sure the place is safe from termites and moisture from snow or flooding. Having a good battery backup sump pump will prevent undue damage to the equipment and the basement, if you reside in a flood prone region.

And some of the CrossFit equipment can be made at home from items, which you use every day or which can be bought easily from general household stores. Sand bags, for instance, can be made at home with canvas sheets or heavy-duty cloth. You can make a sack out of the cloth and fill it up with gravel. For a kettlebell weight, you can use PVC pipes and basketball. Even the pull up bars can be made easily, if you have a bit of technical knowledge.