The Best Sport in the World – Football

The Best Sport in the World – Football

Jun 11

Now, before you get ready to fire off a nasty email on account of mine thinking Football (soccer) is the best sport in the world, take a breath of calm. Nobody is making you read this and you’re free to roll your mouse cursor to the northeast corner of your screen and just close this window out now if you’re just going to complain about what’s written here. I hear lots of people go on about how their favorite sport is the best game in the world. Those are matters of opinion, and this is just my own opinion, along with a few good facts to back up the claim that Football is the best sport in the world.

Like most articles about a person’s favorite sport, mine is going to begin with a recount of my first game. I was young; a lot younger than I am now, let me tell you. The world was my oyster, so to speak, and I thought I could do anything if I had the will for it. Maybe it had more to do with me being in the prime of my life than Football itself, but I loved the game.

It didn’t matter that I haven’t scored on my first real game – some of the best players in the world go through an entire match without a goal to their credit. However, I did set up a couple other players to score, entrenching in my mind the idea that teamwork can make or break a sports team. That’s truer in Football than in any other game, I’d say.

At present, there are five solid reasons I can come up with, each of which supports my claim that Football really is the best sport in the world. You may disagree with my ultimate synopsis, but it would be difficult even for die-hard fans of other sports to argue with the following points:

The Skills Required Are Not Commonplace

For instance, and this is an immediately apparent point even to those watching their first soccer game; Football requires a ridiculous amount of coordination and a high level of physical fitness for players who want to be successful. Anyone can grab a ball and run around while holding it, or even toss it to another person, but Football isn’t like that (except for the keepers who can use their hands, of course). Have you ever even tried dribbling a soccer ball? It’s hard enough to do while stationary, but major and minor league Football players all need to be able to move their bodies while moving the ball.

I have to say, that was one of the hardest things for me to get right. It’s also a point with which many of my younger players struggle, especially if they’re just getting into the game of Football and don’t have previous experience playing outside of our team. While American Football focuses on individuals passing, kicking or carrying a ball, soccer demands that every player be proficient in all of these actions, so the skill required to play the game well is higher, hands down.

The Whole World Knows Football

Speaking of American Football, that’s pretty popular in the States, Canada and a couple other places. However, it doesn’t have the worldwide appeal of which traditional Football is possessed. My favorite sport in the world is actually played throughout the world, which is a big help in maintaining its humongous fan base. Just look at the World Cup and all the buzz surrounding it this year – the Superbowl can’t come close to comparing, and I’m not even mentioning other end of seasons sports events like the World Series of baseball, the Stanley Cup of hockey or other “big” games.

Players and Fans Are Passionate

There’s another word for the buzz surrounding Football: Passion. I know I’m passionate about the game. I know other people get really into it too – just look at all the protests in Brazil about the games held in the country and you’ll quickly see that tempers can flare up into full-blown fires with very little help. This is just the passion of viewers, mind you. The players take Football even more seriously.

For us, it’s something to watch after work or during off time, but for the players? Football is their livelihood. While I’m out coaching young people on how to play the game properly, those who play Football at a professional level are literally risking their lives and limbs out on that field.

Memorable Athletes

That passion which goes into each player’s game makes for some truly memorable moments. Now I know, I know, there are scoring plays in every sport that get fans talking and make for some nice conversation with friends and family after the game. However, how often is it that a scoring drive is remembered – and talked about – decades after the game it happened in has been decided?

Famous players like Pele, Messi and others still get fans talking today, which is more than can be said for bygone athletes from other sports. If you don’t believe it, go ahead and ask a grandparent about their favorite Football player. You’ll probably be surprised at the answer you get.

The Scoring

Naturally, one of the most exciting parts of Football is the scoring of goals, just like scoring plays in pretty much every sport. There’s just such an amazing feeling that comes with scoring a goal and bringing your team that much closer to beating your opponents; it’s hard for me to describe. One thing that’s easy to describe, though, is the most exciting goal a person has ever seen.

Those major scoring plays really stick with a person. Most soccer fans will be able to come up with the time, the place, the players and other facts surrounding a goal, in addition to the scoring play itself. They might even go back to an old game and watch that play over and over, memorizing it like a film fan memorizes their favorite scene from a movie. While this isn’t exclusive to Football, I’m positive there are more memories like this dedicated to Football, simply due to the great number of Football fans in the world.