Tips For A Successful CrossFit Rest Day

Tips For A Successful CrossFit Rest Day

Jan 21

If you’ve been training CrossFit for a while now, you probably know how intense the workout can be. This makes rest days an essential part of the training; otherwise your body may break down. However, one of the common mistakes of CrossFitters is that they shun rest days. So, I’ve come up with some tips for a successful rest day.

  1. Take rest.

Resist the temptation to shun rest days. On your rest day, you should not be lifting anything. The best thing to do is to watch marathon episode of your favorite TV show, read books or check your social media accounts. Some CrossFitters would say they’re doing “active rest” which means lifting weights or doing light workout. But this is a bad idea. You need to give your muscles time to rest and heal. If you aren’t into lazing around, you can try a hobby like doing crossbow hunting. For that you will need to visit this site to check out different crossbows.

  1. Get enough sleep.

Go to bed early. After days of subjecting yourself in physically draining, high intensity workout, your body and mind deserves a good night’s sleep – that’s 7-8 hours of sleep. Set your room into a sleeping mode by taking out distractions. It may be best to avoid doing physical activities past 6 in the evening. If you have developed some physical routines before you sleep, perhaps you have to channel it to some activities during the day.

  1. Hydrate yourself.

Drink plenty of water. And it should be water. That is not the same as soda, energy drink, coffee and most especially not beer. Water is all the body needs to recover. You don’t have to compound it with anything. If you are a coffee lover and can’t live without a sip of it, it’s okay but still gulp in lots of water throughout the day.

  1. Warm, relaxing bath.

Tips For A Successful CrossFit Rest DayWhile you may be doing it daily, taking a good warm bath (or salt bath) on your rest day can have a rejuvenating effect. It’s awesome not just for your skin but also for your muscles. Better yet, you can soak in your Jacuzzi for a more relaxing rest day.

  1. Relax your muscles.

While you are watching TV or checking your social networks, get the foam roller and start kneading your muscles. A good foam roller can help your sore muscles heal faster. It is also satisfyingly relaxing. If you don’t fancy foam rollers, you can use other items you can find around your home. A good massage is also very effective.

Aside from these things, you can also use your rest day to spend time with family and friends. I don’t really advocate it, but you can permit yourself to try eating something bad. Try to think of it as a reward for doing good. It’s alright to cheat every now and then, just make sure you don’t get used to it. Last and most importantly, enjoy the fruits of your workout!