Tips for safe winter driving

Tips for safe winter driving

Oct 24
Tips for safe winter driving

I believe that everyone will agree with me that the day is the ideal time to drive. Darkness brings with it many pitfalls – from poor visibility to a sudden light that can blind us. And when it’s winter, driving becomes even more unpleasant. But, it is the time when you need your vehicle the most. When the weather is nice, you can also take a walk. When the weather conditions are bad, nobody wants to walk, not even me, although I am a proponent of a healthy and active life. So I want to say a few words about safe driving during the winter because road safety is one of the ways to be and stay healthy. Driving conditions during winter are getting worse. Roadways are often slippery and covered with rain, ice and snow. Of course, in urban areas, roads are clean, but the man cannot always reach a pace of nature. Therefore, it is always best to rely on your own strength when it comes to safety.

First of all, for safe driving in winter, it is necessary to drive slowly and carefully. You do not need to brake suddenly or do fast maneuvers with the car, especially not on the road that is not dry. Such maneuvers may have risky turns and seriously endanger the safety of the driver. In addition, it is important to keep the proper distance from other road users. Slower driving and proper distance will give you enough time to direct your vehicle at a critical moment.

Equip your car with winter tires. Yes, they have a deeper treads, but also a different composition of the rubber. These tires behave differently at low temperatures. Their fibers adhere better on the road covered with snow and ice, provide increased traction and prevent slippage during braking. When the road is covered with snow, winter tires are not enough to ensure safety. In this case, your car needs chains.

Get a good light. In winter, the day is much shorter, so it is very important that you have good light in order to have a clearly visible road. When the safety of driving in the winter is concerned, I think that LED lights are irreplaceable. Check this site: LED lights provide adequate light, but at the same time they are resistant to low temperatures and severe weather conditions.

To be clear, good lighting is necessary and throughout the day, especially in winter conditions. You can be in the middle of a fog, heavy precipitation, and generally poorer visibility than during the beautiful spring day. It is especially important that emergency services have lights that provide a clear visibility on the road. In this way, they will always be noticed and arrive promptly where they are needed.

Clean the car from the snow. Remove snow from the roof, because it fall off the roof and endanger road safety. Scrape off all the ice from the windows so that you have good visibility. Check the windscreen wipers before starting. They should move without obstacles and adhere well to the glass.

Heat the car before starting. In this way, you will check the battery and prevent fogging the windows from the inside, that occurs because the differences in the external and the inner temperature.

Maybe your car is not a living being. However, do not underestimate the need to equip it for the winter. It is the only proven way to enjoy safe driving.