Tips on outdoor cleaning

Tips on outdoor cleaning

Dec 05
Tips on outdoor cleaning

While we take pride in decorating our homes as best as we can, one thing that all homeowners put off at the first opportunity is cleaning and keeping their home in order. I’ve found that most people who do the cleaning or organizing do it reluctantly and as a last resort, while some don’t bother at all. I hate seeing a home in disarray. And especially, the exterior of homes.

The dirty garage door, cloudy windows, and unsightly cobwebs hanging in the corners are sure signs of a neglected house. But contrary to popular belief cleaning is not that difficult a task, once you set your mind to it. Here are some tips that I‘ve learnt along the way and am sure will help you too.

Spring-cleaning for instance, is not only keeping your home neat and tidy, but making it ready for inviting your friends and having loads of fun.

Garage door cleaning

I bet you’d never realized that your garage door needs a cleaning. The garage door is undoubtedly dirty being exposed to the outdoor dirt and dust all the time. But you need not worry over it, as cleaning it is very easy. The things you need include dish soap, terry towels and a bucket of water. An efficient pressure washer such as those at is necessary for a fast and thorough cleaning.

Mix a tiny portion of dish soap to some water in the plastic bucket and fill the bucket up till the rim. Dip a rag in the water, and use it to wipe the door. Kids love this and so you can leave it to them.

Once the door is wiped with soap water, you should use pressure washer to wash the dirt down. Be sure to set the pressure in the washer at a low level, as too much can damage concrete, brick, wood and other things.

Cobweb cleaning

In the cold winter months, it is common to neglect sweeping the cobwebs from under the eaves in your home. But as winter recedes and spring sets you will find that these have to be removed to get rid of that unkempt look from your home. A proper cobweb-removing duster fitted to a telescopic rod is best to clean the out of reach cobwebs. To remove cobwebs sticking to the duster, just roll it on your lawn or bush.

Window cleaning

When the snow and rain recedes, your windows will wear a dirty and dingy look. This will mar the glorious exterior view. A steam machine, water and terry towels are the things you need to clean your window. Fill up the steam machine in water and wait until the entire water is heated. Now steam the window using upward movement. This will remove all the dirt. Use a dry towel to wipe the window clean.

And don’t forget the trash cans. These can produce a strong stench that can offend you and your visitors. Use dish soap and pressure washer to clean the inside of the can. This will leave them devoid of any foul smell.